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Akrama back in news!

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Its that time of the season again when the discussions on Akrama/Sakrama is back to the fore with the new govt taking over the reigns.

Guvernor has rejected the older (BJP) version of the bill and the new govt plan to revisit the whole thing..probably it will get a new name again and new terms!

Was listening to Mr Mukunda N who has worked on this issue a lot, he made a very simple argument to the last govt. He mentioned that Akrama/Sakrama would work only if the govt can prove that they have stopped all violations atleast for a period of one year. That is they the measures and controls in place to prevent all violations the bill plans to cover.

I would say this is the most important thing that any govt should be focussing on prior to working on the sakrama plan!

I was talking to a builder consultant last week who has blatantly built G+4 floors, 8 flats on a 2400sqft plot in Girinagar. The bldg has no offsets of any type and has violated all rules in the book. The builder was mentioning that he plans to sell the top two floors appartments with 'B' khata and was very confident that Sakrama scheme would ensure all the violations are legalized!

It is this kind of violations which needs to be first controlled before a regularisation scheme is passed!

As for the violations already there, its not just a one time fee that needs to be collected. As Capt. Naveen from Praja had suggested earlier, all these violations need to be penalized on an on-going basis, that is tax them 4 times more than the regular tax amount every year for the violations..let it hurt perinially so that it prevents public from violating the laws..



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Ravichander shares same thought..

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His interview was surprisingly put up by TOI where he shares the same thought on the way forward for sakrama..

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sakrama rolled out..but..

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The (sakrama) amendment, which was notified in the State Gazetteer on August 27, 2013, will be applicable to buildings constructed before December 3, 2009.

As per the amendment, violations in residential buildings up to the extent of 25 per cent will incur a penalty of six percent of the guidance value in accordance with the Karnataka Stamp Act, 1957. For violations above 25 per cent and below 50 per cent, the penalty would be eight per cent of the guidance value.

more here

But still there is absolutely no talk of how violations will be prevented in the future..these kind of moves will only encourage people to violate more and constructions will fall down like pack of cards like it is happening already..

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sakrama - criminal ordinance

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There are example of congress opposing its own oridnance against criminals in politics at the centre..

I am seeing parallels of the same order in the state govt plans on the sakrama bill..where it can act on..

With nothing to stop future violations in building norms, such schemes are only scams!


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periodic exercise, or one-time?

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Akrama-Sakrama is back in the news.
An outline of the new scheme is brought out in the New Indian Express report accessible here (apparently, the fuller details are to be published in a day or two).
What is missing is talk of how the BBMP is going to be preventing this having to become a periodic exercise, rather than a one-time exercise, which was quite the main objection of the RWA members to the earlier scheme too, which eventually led to their having to take the matter to the court. If that critical issue has not been addressed, I guess, it'll be status quo again. 
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