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BMTC Buses - volvo vs marcopolo

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Hi, I catch 201 bus regularly. There are three buses available, one is 201R (normal bmtc bus)  with fare around Rs.12, other one 201R(volvo) with fare Rs.30. I was told that since volvo has A.C. facility and other better facilities, it costs almost double. I dont need an AC bus for a short journey. But just because the frequency is more and i've batter chance of getting a seat, i used to opt for volvo bus.

Recently, i have found another bus 201RC (tata marcopolo) which is also an AC bus and the fare is around 18-20. I was surprised to know that the bus frequency is very less compared to volvo or normal bmtc bus. I had discussions with conductors in regular bmtc bus and volvo bus. I was told that  volvo was purchased before marcoplo had come into the market  and volvo is already running at loss of 3,000/-  instead of giving profit. The conductor had given me the calculations. it takes 2000/- of maintenance per day , with such a huge maintenance cost and low income during non-peak hours, the conductor was justifying the price of the ticket being high.

But my point is , what was the requirement to buy such a costly bus which would make only loss, these volvo buses were bought 500 at a time into the market. Why not buy tata marcoplo AC bus, i agree that AC quality is not that good as comapred to volvo, but is the quality of AC is such an important factor for just few hours of journey, that too at such a higher cost. TATA Marcoplo was bought for much cheaper than volvo bus (volvo was at 80L). Why is BMTC hell bent at making Bangalore a rich place rather than a better place for people living in? 

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Marcopolo more failures and more smoke as well as less pickup

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I too have extensively travelled both in Volvo and Marcopolo. In terms of suspension, pickup and airconditioning, undoubtedly it is the best. Breakdowns of Marcopolos is quiet frequent, but it is ok for smaller routes. A/C is good even in Marcopolo as I have experienced in many buses, only thing is the Drivers / Conductors do not set it properly. There are no vents for standing passengers in Marcopolo.  

For Standing Passengers except for A/C, Marcopolo is more convenient although Volvo has very large space for standing. Problem in Volvo is during breaking, due to very strong brakes and softer suspension, it causes too much of forward movement causing body and leg pain.

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@ Rashmi  -  Firstly, welcome

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@ Rashmi  -  Firstly, welcome to PRAJA.

In connection with the topic that you have brought up for discussion, readings of the debates here and here, will perhaps help gain a larger perspective.

Muralidhar Rao
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Need - cheaper A/C buses

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Volvo's cost a lot of money that's what we hear around. And Tata can't produce enough Buses at the pace at which BMTC wants them.

How do you bring down the cost of these Buses? By encouraging more people to make them! How do you encourage more companies to make such Buses? By creating a large enough market for them! How do you create a large enough market for quality City Buses? I will leave that one for ... comment guidelines

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