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A project to implement bus route maps for BMTC in the form of glowing (for night) signages that are clear, visible, and depicting 'where you are' plus the nearby bus routes from the stop to main stops in bangalore. The purpose it to help bus commuters locate themselves and commute with comfort without worrying about how to reach their destination. Maps should cater to outstation people, foreigners and non-kannada speaking people as well by supporting Kannada as well as english languages for ease of use for everyone.

The project will require help and support from BMTC.

Please see Get lost no more for background and more details.

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Route Maps for BMTC - Phase I Open for discussion

BusPublic Transport

Inviting opinions on Phase I - for Bus route Maps project.

What could we set as the criteria for selecting the bus stops for Phase 1 : Approx number of stops as per BMTC are close to 3000, ( might be approx figure)

Few ideas which were discussed on Saturday meeting were :

'GET LOST' - No more

BusPublic Transport

I want to start a project where i am able to implement bus route maps in the form of glowing ( for night) signages which are clear, visible, depicting 'where you are' and the nearby bus routes from the stop to main stops in bangalore.

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