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Bicycle Parking - enabling safety and security of Cycles

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One of the important things to enable Bicycling is to have Bicycle Parking which is safe and secure . Not having safe parking is a major barrier. Ride a Cycle Foundation feels that atleast important areas like Lalbagh should have bicycle parking facilities.

Bharathi Cement as part of its Green Initiative, is sponsoring  the installation of the Bicycle Stand at Prime Locations in Jayanagar. BBMP is making available the space for bicycle parking at lalbagh. RIDE A CYCLE FOUNDATION is instrumental in co-ordinating and installing of the  Bicycle Stands.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the Bicycle Stand Inauguration at Lalbagh - South Gate Entrance -  Siddapura Road on Sunday , July 10th , 2011.

Time : 8:00AM - 9:00AM


The Honorable Minister for Urban Development Govt of Karnataka, Sri Suresh Kumar will flag off a bicycle rally from the South Gate.  BBMP Commissioner Sri Siddaiah and Sri Shiv Kumar Additional Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary Urban Department,  are Guests of Honor.


Bicycle STAND Design is By KRISH of GoCYCLE


We will also have a Bicycle Ride around Lalbagh.


Riders will get a NICE T Shirt & CAP as a compliment from Bharathi Cement Corporation. Please confirm your participation by sending a mail to


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A good opportunity to visit Lal Bagh

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We are planning to be there.  

Bangalore is changing gear to become a bicycle-friendly city. To encourage more people to pedal their way to eateries, shops and workplaces, a non-profit movement is setting up cycle stands in various parts of the city.

Looks like cycling is going to be popular in Bangalore indeed! Have a look at earleir Praja blog.

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Very well organized event..

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Had the opportunity to be at Lalbagh today morning for this event and PSA sir from Praja was also there enthusiastically on a cycle!

The event was attended by Sri. Suresh Kumar, Mr. Bhaskar Rao and started with the inaguration where Sri Suresh Kumar recollected his yester years where he was riding cycles all the way to Kanyakumari..he also expressed the urgent need for bicycle related infra around the city and said he would support any related effort..very positve notes from the leaders!

The occassion also attracted important senior officials from karnataka governament..BBMP..Basavraj Kabade was also present.

Then there was a ride around Lalbaugh..which took about 20 min and it ended with breakfast being served..

In all it was a very well organized event..especially by Murali from RACF

The above picture is of Suresh Kumar addressing the meet.

On the left top corner you can see the cycle stands that have been put up!

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Cycling after a long time

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Not so confident on a cycle any more. The seat was very hard and high with no cushion. It was a bit difficult to reach ground with either leg when not moving. However could complete the Lal Bagh circuit in full traffic.

P1 Bharati Cement Parking lot  Dias at the Lalbagh west gate where the inauguration took place

P2 PSA All ready to go

P3 The Dias

P4 Shri Baskar Rao IPS,  Anti Tererist squad

P5 Shri Suresh Kumar Minister in Yeddiyurappas Cabinet. [Suvarna News Channel]

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Dedicated bicycle lanes at BU Campus

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The reconstruction of roads will see dedicated lanes for bicycle users. Vice-Chancellor N Prabhudev said that they are planning to have at least four bicycle stations near exit points of the university.

A private firm will give 50 bicycles which the students can use for one rupee a day.

“Students who get down from BMTC bus can take these bicycles to their department instead of walking. They can even use these bicycles to go to the library,’’ he informed

Good  thing to have bicycle in Education campus with paid services of cycle.

Same thing should be done at other places too Ex : BIAL Terminal

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Parking used well..

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Was passing by Lalbagh gate today at 5Pm and found the most of the parking slots used up..there were a couple of regular tall black cycles (atlas/hecules) ones parked with the others..really glad to see it being used!!

This is unlike what happened at Koshys..where the parkings are mostly unused..

The lesson here is that there will be all kinds of cycles parked..not just the hi-fi ones!

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Mayor drives over Merc in tank to clear bike lanes

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To view the full report and the video clip, click here.

Our Dy Mayor Mr Harish and Malleswaram MLA Dr Aswathanarayana, on the other hand, will want to mow down cyclists, I expect.

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