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Praja Suddi - Issue 5


Monday 6 December


 Disciplined Drivers Club


Some Prajagalu have come together to start a campaign they are calling the "Disciplined Drivers' Club" (aka DDC). Poised to attract traffic police's interest sooner than later, this is a campaign wherein participants would take a pledge to be disciplined drivers, and then display a specially designed bumper sticker to show and spread the message. Join the project if you want to help design and run the DDC campaign. At a minimum, take the pledge, and then use your bumper sticker to spread the word on DDC!

- Disciplined Driver's Club - campaign page (work in progress)
- Poll to decide Bumper Sticker design
- Project behind the DDC campaign

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety issues have always been major concern for Prajagalu. And, it continued last month also. Our friend Jenny shared a video made by Samarth, Saran, Saumya Tyagi and Bharat Sharma — a team of three people from the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore who took part in the short-film making competition held at IIM Ahmedabad’s flagship management festival Confluence 2010. The competition was titled ‘Campaign for a cause’ and it had to study whether government policies really reached their target population:

State of pedestrians in Bangalore

Citizen Participation at Bescom

With Mr Manivannan taking over as the BESCOM MD, there's renewed interest in the power scenario, and that's reflected in questions on the rationale behind theBESCOM's re-assessment of sanctioned load, MUSS maintenance outage and many offered suggestions for improvement in services. BESCOM is moving towards forming a 'user forum/council' for supporting BESCOM in its effective functioning. This will be a participatory mechanism. Read:

Suggestions for BESCOM

Namma Railu - Bengaluru Commuter Rail

The innovative Commuter Rail project proposal conceived by Prajagalu, alongwith CiSTUP, is being included in the budget proposals submitted to the Railway Ministry. Namma Railu project team from Praja will like to thank BCIC for submitting Commuter Rail proposal to the railway ministry at a pre-budget interaction with the industry groups earlier this week. Please refer via Business Standard report on Nov 26:

BCIC submits commuter rail proposal to railway-minister

Water Supply

The move by the GoK for privatizing/ outsourcing city water supply is all set to set the Cauvery on fire:

Water Supply Outsourcing Welcome

Public Transport

The lack of a proper bus station for private bus operators, and the problems resulting thereof for the citizens, came up for involved discussions. Imran took the next step of lodging a complaint with Bangalore City Police and was surprised to get a very positive response from them.

- Imran's Kalasipalyam experience
- Better facilities needed for private buses

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