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Praja Suddi - Issue 4


Tuesday 9 November gets "Best Social Media Initiative" Award


The biggest news for the month, of course, is the bestowing of the award on for the Best Social Media Initiative of the year by eGov Magazine. And, this from amongst 45 applicants, across the country, is certainly going to add a feather to our cap. The enthusiasm this has generated amongst 'Prajagalu' is palpable, and is certainly going to invigorate us into more action

Public Bus Transport Services


Public bus transport services received its quota of attention during Oct too, like from the very beginning. A new dimension to this was added this time by Delhi's new experiments. And, more importantly, our very own Pranav was a panelist at the Nobel Memorial Seminar convened by 'Volvo Buses', on 26th Oct at the Leela, Bangalore, on the subject of "Making Public Transport the First Choice". Further, as a fall-out of this seminar, disincentives against usage of individualised forms of transport came up for a lot of discussion.




Crowd Sourcing


Our crowd-sourced info on BMTC routing is perhaps something that BMTC themselves will find value in (2c). Besides, a member has ventured to provide an 'ask me' service on BMTC routing, which perhaps even some BMTC staff are themselves availing...

Corrupt Ways


Our Neta's and Babu's always seem to provide enough room for talk amongst 'Prajagalu' for their corrupt ways. October seemed to provide a peak, with CWG, and the new Adarsh scams unfolding, the latter including even some army top brass. And, Bengaluru, like most other cities, is looking for answers...

Why BBMP is broke?


The all encompassing BBMP's pitiable plight had of course to be discussed, and that's what we did here.

Upper House


The 'Upper House' concept was re-designated 'Participatory Council' after an extensive debate. comment guidelines

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