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Bangalore - a vanishing act of 25paise/50 paise in circulation?

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Dear Readers, have you noticed when you go shopping for groceries/ or hire an auto- you face the problem of paying the exact amount. More often than not you pay-up extra. The amount un-mindful of the other party in picture, the billing agent or the autowallah rounds of the figure to the next rupee.- Say if your grocery bill has come up to 100.78 paise- she /he says 101Rs.

You may find this silly for reporting this issue here. What i am amazed is in Chennai, these paisas are still in circulation ( 50p, 25p)- Why bangalore is changing and who sets this change. I think those people who run these malls are exploiting.

It is time we bring these paisas back in circulation. We just accept what ever the trend setters these business communities engage in.

This may be a trivial issue, but just imagine how much will a billing agent at the end of the day makes - rounding of every bill to the next rupee-  we just cannot be a slave to every change that affects the society in general and a common man in particular.




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About 5-6 years ago

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About 5-6 years ago shopkeepers in Indore had stopped accepting 25 paisa coins saying they are not valid anymore. Don't know the current situation.

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 I finally got rid of the 50

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 I finally got rid of the 50 paisa lying in my pocket for the past one month. I passed it on to an unsuspecting parking attendant who refused to give me a coupon. 2 things I discovered, now I know why they didnt bother making a symbol for paisa & parking attendants still swindle their owners

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At idontspam's post i would like to comment that i never pay the parking attendants. Simply because parking on roads in Bangalore is free.

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 State-run corporation BMTC

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 State-run corporation BMTC abolished 50p from their tickets in 2002 when they hiked the city bus fares-that was the last when i actually lost using the 50p. When auto fares increased sooner the jump by 20p became jump by 80p and that ended the 25p rule(Many drivers did not give back 50p too)

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Story of change

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If somebody want to get back 50 paise, they could give 50 ps and demand the billing person give back Re. 1. Some people dont carry change at all. If the bill is Rs. 102. They will give Rs. 200 and demand change. They wont even have Rs. 2 with them. Some people take the change home and put it in a box, but they will never take that out.

By the way I suppose they did not design a symbol for paise in the contest. Now, Re. 1 is almost losing value. When Rs. 10 loses value, shouldnt we revalue so that Rs. 10 becomes 10 paise? comment guidelines

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