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Bumpy roads of Bangalore - Road Humps the back breakers not speed breakers.

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Maybe this has been discussed earlier.

I am appalled by the state of Bangalore roads of late. Day by day there are more road humps added to the streets without any thought on the inconvenience it causes to the riders/drivers.

In addition there are the inevitable potholes and unevenly paved roads thanks to our road contractors who conveniently blame it on heavy trucks and rains- sic!!!

It is noticeable to the extent that It looks like it has become a matter of pride to own a road hump near once home :)

I have tried to travel a 100meter stretch within Bangalore without being bumped up, but in vain.

It is very annoying to say the least but is also a risk for people with back problems, elderly, children. It is so bad that i advice elderly to take a walk rather than going on vehicles.

Are there no rules? How can this menace be solved? Are there praja members working on conveying this message to anybody who can care about it?

Writing with lot of anguish and pain since it seems fellow citizens are ok with this aspect of our great City!! comment guidelines

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