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Plans for Bellandur flyover?

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Traffic jams

This is my first post here. I live and work near the ORR in the Belandur Area. Have ben witnessing the chaos at the Belandur Jn on a daily basis(Although the traffic police do quite a good job to handle this intersection). I had read a lot on the plans for underpasses/flyovers a Belandur, Deevarabeesanahalli as part of the ORR signal free project.

Not able to find any latest status updates. What is the latest status? Will work begin any time soon?  Does anyone have access to the BDA Plans for these junctions?

Another thing I noticed is that the road from Belandur Village to Airport Road/Wind tunnel road via the belandur Lake has been widened and tarred wonderfully well. Wondering if it was a generic work or whether there is plan to divert some traffic that way? 




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bellandur and devarabeesanahalli flyovers

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Welcome to Praja! 

Please access the drawings at the link below.

bellandur flyover


Devarabeesanahalli flyover


Do not know the status of the construction, but did see some people with surveying equipment at the junction recently.  Can we look forward to your analysis of these plans here?

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I also live and work in bellandur. I actually tried talking to the people who were doing the survey and was told it is for  a report. do you know if tenders have been awarded for construction. The only tenders i have seen in -

Consultancy services for project management and quality assurance for • Construction of Flyover along ORR at the junction of ORR & 14th main of HSR layout. • Construction of Flyover along ORR at Bellandur Junction. • Construction of Flyover along ORR at Devarabesanahalli. Package-1

This is also is in line with survey work. Have seen them in all the three places.

Also, what surprises me is if they are doing the survey work now, how were these plans made?

btw..sanjay it would be great if you could upload those files as i am unable to see the dimensions in the plan on picasa. 

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 Thanks Sanjay, prvn for the

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 Thanks Sanjay, prvn for the updates. Will look at the plans and provide inputs based on my experience with this Junction. 

One key thing that needs to be done is ensure that there is a smooth exit and entry from the ECOSPACE tech park into the main road. Today most of the peak hour traffic happens when there is a big flow into/out of the tech park. Planning well for that would also ensure that the traffic from the Sarjapur Road Belandur connecting road moves smoothly. 

If the focus is just on the Ring Road, it may end up being a mini silkboard kind of situation, where under the flyover multiple signals are needed. 

Rajeev R


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DBHalli & Bellandur Flyover details and integration

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   Thanks Sanjay for the drawings. They are a big help in understanding what will finally happen at these junctions.

   At the outset, both flyovers (and I am sure many more on the ORR) look like a cut and paste. DBHalli flyover drawings have a little more detail about the buildings located on the service road whereas the Bellandur flyover lacks that detail.   Also, DBHalli junction does not see the same amount of traffic as the Bellandur junction sees.

   Although the flyover itself makes sense, what is not clear is how the service road traffic gets integrated into the ring road. Traffic from intel, adarsh, ecospace etc will need to be integrated into the ring road. Since these two flyovers are spaced relatively close to each other, there will be less distance between the down ramp of one flyover and the up ramp of the other flyover. This means, traffic integration from/to the service road needs to happen within a short distance. Knowing Indian drivers, this may lead to a mess during office hours. In addition, we may have the drivers on the down ramp of DBHalli flyover take a sharp left into the service road to enter ecospace etc ! leading to traffic slowing down on the ring road.

   Traffic on the Bellandur junction will still be a mess after the flyover. The signal should take care of vehicles moving from agrahara to bellandur and DB halli, bellandur to agahara and sarjapur road, and service road vehicles pass through on the service road to join ring road ! A diagram should help see all the traffic flows here, but I need to understand how to use google maps for this.

    Signals are also needed at grade to allow the buses on the BRTS lane to pass and also allow the traffic on local roads. Bus stops are not marked properly. I am assuming that bus stops will be located very close to the at grade signals.

   Finally, not sure if space exists for the 3.5metres bus lane on either side as indicated in the diagram. This probably means that the medians currently existing will all go.



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I do not know how to upload those files elsewhere.  You can download the image from Picasa itself.  If you need more detailed scans, please send me a private message with email id and I can send them to you by email.

I do have a consultant's report, but scanning 100 pages into pdf and posting/sending is too time consuming for me to consider.

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Devarabeesanhalli flyover DPR

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 I have started reading this DPR.  It is absolutely AMAZING.  Figures and bulk of the text is for Veerana Palya flyover (near Nagavara lake).  Tabulated data and plotted graphs of the traffic survey results are different.  Occasionally the flyover is also referred to as the Magadi road flyover and also as Iblur flyover.  However, make no mistake - this is the DPR for the Devarabeesanahalli flyover. Every page has a header for the confused reader. The report actually admits that this flyover only solves half the problem (namely of through traffic) and that the rest of the traffic is still going to be miserable and that compromises were made for pedestrians.

Kudos to M/S Inter Continental Consultants and Technocrats of 13th H Main Indira Nagar AND M/S Nagesh Consultants of Ashok Nagar who are the co-consultants for their stupendous work

Kudos to BDA for reading these DPRs so thoroughly.

Anybody have any ideas on what we should do?

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One solution ..

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.. is to provide relevant snippets to prominent newspapers and let them take it from there. You can provide them with all you have if they show more interest/come back to you. And/or radio/news channels. It looks like a lowest bidder was used and a common template is used for all flyovers. :-(

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1) Any information on how much time they would take to bring up these structures?

 2) What are the start and end dates of the construction at both the places?

(Read it as more on what is the start and end date of the misery.)

3) Any traffic diversion plans during the construction?



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analysis of flyover design

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 I wnet through the drawings carefully as well as the reports from the consultants.  Here is a brief analysis.  Please take a look


Design Ananlysis

Copy of the drawings, if you are interested.


Devarabeesanahalli ORR flyover

Bellandur ORR flyover

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Copy of flyover consultant reports obtained through RTI

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 I finally managed to scan the reports.  Compromised on quality for keeping file size small.  Sorry about that! Had to split up the pages into multiple docs.  Possible that 1 or 2 pages are missing. The autofeeder pulled in multiple pages once or twice.

Devarabeesanhalli part 1 of 2

Devarabeesanhalli part 2 of 2

Bellandur 1 of 4

Bellandur 2 of 4

Bellandur 3 of 4

Bellandur 4 of 4

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