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Tagore Circle Underpass work starts - BBMP, Why?

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My earlier post on this and Naveen's detailed alternative too

Night of 25th Oct the JNNURM boards block the road leading to Basavanagudi Police station at the junction of BP Wadia Road and KR Road.  The left side of this stretch which is a major BMTC stop has been completely excavated.  

Last week Deccan Herald carried news that this project is delayed due to opposition from various quarters.  The newspaper it seemed was not in favour of the delay.  Not even a word on why the opposition. 

Here we are set to bid adieu to Gandhi Bazaar, which has been a way of life as BBMP is hell bent on going ahead with yet another ridiculous project.


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Unwanted underpass - Who want's to make money?

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Unwanted underpass just like National college circle flyover. National College Circle flyover was a blunder which is now obstructing Metro construction.

Today, because of this another new blunder being introduced in the name of development under JNNURM has resulted in so many traffic jams resulting in diversion of traffic around Krishnarao Park which used to be relatively less traffic prone.

Bangaloreans  have lost patience in driving and local representatives, builders and contractors utilize this opportunity in the name of development to fill in their pockets - Looser our City . Look at the quality of the underpass at KR Circle  - same blunder will be repeated here.

People of Basavanagudi protested and stopped the underpass, after 1 year, when people's memories are vanished, again they have taken up.

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The positives?

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I can corroborate your account as a witness myself.

Yes, I first noticed the deviations and barricades on sunday night. I was quite a surprise for me that the work started without any media/public attention. Monday morning, on my way to office, I noticed that one side of the KR road, near the 'Taxi stand bus stop' had been completely excavated. This is not the 'lethargy' we are used to . I am not surprised that the project has gone ahead despite some objections by a few 'individuals' here and there (remember there were no public objections like the national college flyover), but rather 'shocked' by the swift action of the BBMP.

I am just hoping the authorities continue their 'good start' and 'finish' the game at the earliest without prolonged inconveninece to the public.

A few more positives - Kanakapura road brings a lot of traffic (including buses) into the junction. KR Road , Gandhi bazaar and NR colony all bring in a lot of traffic as well. But, thanks to the elaborate signboards marking the traffic deviations, enough number of temporary medians and barricades put up, and a good number of traffic wardens put on job,  no traffic jams were witnessed around this area on Monday morning. Kudos to the BBMP and the traffic police.

I have a feeling that Metro construction has taught us valuable lessons on putting up the barricades, signboards etc for such construction projects. Carry on guys, but pls do a quick job.

-Srivatsava V

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Teachers College circle

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There has been an underpass proposed that the teachers college junction (on RV road). THis was proposed even before the Tagore circle underpass was thought of.

Stangely, that has not happened. I am surprised that the work has not been taken up along with the Metro. It would have been very convenient to build both of them together. thankfully, there are a good number of alternative roads in this area and RV raod can be completely closed for traffic without causing hinderance to public.

Not sure how the BBMP prioritises and times the 'development' work. Hoping its not free-will of some individuals, but a thoughtful decision.

-Srivatsava V

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Don't raise your hopes @SV

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BBMP is anything but lethargic when it comes to digging up existing roads and cutting down trees.  The lethargy then sets in.

We in JP Nagar have forgotten that there used to be a road called 15th cross.  That road has been unusable since May 16, 2009.  The underpass project was to have finished in 10 months.  It is now 17 months and it looks like about 50% of the work is done.  In the meanwhile we have found alternative roads and life goes on.  BBMP's engineer says we should "have patience".

Kadirenahalli - no idea of how that is going.  They have made an absolute mess.  Instead of solving this problem they are now trying to make Silkboard to Mysore road a 150' corridor and are busy trying to acquire properties along this road.

Look at DH today.

BWSSB did not know this was on (at least as per DH).  Now there are water and sewage lines to be shifted.  The smartest thing they can do is to relay the road in concrete and make it a 100 year investment.  BTP can build a good signalling system that reduces the congestion here.  But there is no money to be made in this.

This is scheduled for completion in 18 months.  I would not be surprised if the Metro was up and running before this thing is done! 

Sorry to rain on your parade - but this is just the beginning of the mess.





Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Larger question!

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BBMP constructing the underpass at Tagore circle near Gandhibazar despite local citizens opposition raises many eyebrows. After the previous commissioner wholeheartedly promoted the "Magic box" technology to construct underpasses, now BBMP seems to have discarded it in favour of the older, much more expensive method.

1. Can BBMP care to explain why they are favouring an older approach costing Rs 19 crores in an "estimated" time of two years in favour of the "Magic Box" using which an underpass can be constructed within a month and costing just around Rs 1 to 3 crores! Is there no accountability left within the BBMP?

2. Are there no RWAs willing to take up the cause and fight BBMP?

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PIL against this Magic?

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 BBMP construcing underpass just like working on demolition of buildings without notice by hiding and without public opinion. Is PIL against BBMP an answer for this?

One fine day, Bangalore will be full of 'Magic Underpass' and it will be no magic to see older ones getting vanished away. Some magic boxes become nightmare and permanently block the road instead of resolving the jam like the long pending 'magic' between DG Bunk and Banashankari. We need a magician to remove the blockage of 'magic'. comment guidelines

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