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Drought/Famine - The comman man cannot escape this

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A topic least thought that could be discussed online!

Of late we are witnessing the climatic changes not just in bangalore but across the globe. Every news features an article on global warming. Why go that far, lets talk about India and let us focus on Karnataka alone, that can give a overall picture of the world.

When one talks of famine or drought, we just use the blame-game of blaming the politicians, bad goverance, etc , etc

Yes in lot many ways they are responsible for mis-managing and lack of proper monitoring system in place. But i more focusing on the ethical aspects of man's nature. When one's way of living or governing is corrupt, definitely it will not yeild good results. Likewise, the impact of negative energy in the cosmos is so much that we just cannot expect positive yield in our soil. Any time and every time i see the road digging happening across bangalore city or felling off trees across the road, i wonder oh ma!!!

how much should mother earth endure??

digging of bore-wells, felling off trees, selling of agricultural lands for prospective greedy buyers.... are we human?




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Prajas have been discussing this....

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Various issues arising out of population increase, alternative energy, how life will be for future generations, global warming, global dimming, moderate living, getting back to basics are all being discussed on prajas...

some links on

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