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The Art of Drainage Closing!!

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Private transport

Most of the roads, especially the internal roads within localities are dug and closed with an unscientific bump. I do not have pictures to give an example. This hits the bottom of cars and results in damage and many times petrol / diesel pipe cut.

One side, roads are put with new tar on the other side it will be dug for on or the other reason. Our locality Kattriguppe internal roads were dug recently and it has got natural humps all over by  unique way of drainage closing where there is a sudden rise and a flat surface and again sudden low.

When the car's front tyre reaches the sudden low area, the flat surface of the hump hits the car bottom resulting in damage as well as cutting the petrol / diesel pipe at the bottom. People are simply scolding and continuing.


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Sometimes it is the telecom companies

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Once the roads are tarred, the telecom companies cannot dig them up or cut them. They are required to use drillers to drill tunnels to lay the cable. However for this they will have to dig small pits at some distances.

Once the work is done, they dont bother to close it up properly or re-tar them. On the Sajaynagar main road too, several such pits have been dugup and not closed properly (atleast one of them is on the center of the road). The road was tarred less than an year ago.

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