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Rating myself as a driver, I'd say I am

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The follow up poll

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If this one gets enough votes and attention, would love to do a follow up poll which will go "Rating others as drivers, I would say that most people are ...". Then, putting the two polls together to interpret the answers will be fun.

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Folloowing rules may not be correct!!

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      At the outset, I should let you know that I follow every rule, be it traffic, work, civic etc, very religiously. But I have stange observation from my experience.

       I actually do believe that it is always good for us to 'be in the majority', who are bad drivers. If you follow the rules when others do not, you will surely face trouble, or even worse, danger of an accident.

       Last week, I was dropping my parents to the airport early in the morning (about 7AM). I stopped at a signal on West of Chord road, near Basaveshwaranagar NPS. Even as was waiting for the lights to turn green in the middle lane, atleast 7-9 cars zipped across on both sides of my car. Every time I saw a car in the rear view mirror, i thought he was going to bang in hard into my car. It felt like being struck in the centre lane of an expressway!! Finally, terrified with the cars zooming past and my father shouting at me, I did jump the signal. Only when I started moving at a good pace, I felt relieved.

Lesson learnt:  Behave like others and stay safe. If 8 cars around you jump the signal, you better do so!!

-Srivatsava V

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I gave myelf a 'good' rating.

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I gave myelf a 'good' rating. The 'under 10%' times that I have been flouting the rules are during early mornings, often well before 7, when instead of the blinking amber lights, I am faced with red lights, even though there's hardly any traffic.

And, at the Egipura - IRR junction, the lights for the traffic approaching from the Srinivagilu village side have been dysfunctional from well over a month. Now, things go by guess-work.

Muralidhar Rao
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"What unites us all, brothers and sisters, white and black, is that deep down, we all truly and fundamentally and sincerely  believe that





than the next guy"



I give myself as "fair". Because ( I have witnesses) I never ever use the horn. Except twice in the last 9 years. And very gently.

Bangalore will be snowed under on Dec. 21, 2012

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If there was 'v.good', I would have rated myself as such

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I have no hesitation in considering myself a v.good driver, because,

 I give way to all the others

b'cos they cannot even overtake me and they keep honking for me  !!..

- Vasanth Mysoremath

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I rated myself fair, the main violations being overspeeding and overtaking from left. I very rarely jump signals that too when driving late night or early morning. By the way zig-zag driving is actually punishable.



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I am a good driver.

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There are two things to the poll .

1) Being a good driver who knows how to drive the car/vehicle

2) To follow all rules


I can be a good driver without necessarily following less than 90% of the rules. I still rate myself a good driver though.

I can be a very good driver and yet may not follow the rules in the strictest sense of the rule. I feel a good driver is the one who follows the basic rules and does not endanger the other people's lives by using a lot of common sense. Srivatsava's example of following the rule when it is not required in the wee hours is a simple example of not having the need to follow the rule when it is not followed by others and in a way not required.

Jumping the signal is just one of rules and there are a lot of rules you can follow without knowing them if you could use just a little bit of commom sense.

some things that make people good drivers.

1) following lane discipline. Always give way to faster cars and dont use the lane as though it belongs to you.

2) Have some safe distance from the next car when following it. Should be able to brake without crashing if the need arises.

3) Not using the horn unnecessarily in traffic jams and residential areas.

4) Parking properly by making proper use of the space and not causing any blocks.

5) Ensuring that the car is taken care of properly and using all mirrors ( left right and above)

6) Using seat belts always and ensuring/ insisting that the other occupants also use them

7) Knowing what a vehicle is capable of and also always expect that at any moment someone or some vehicle may pop into the road abrormally :)

Thats all that has come to my mind as I type this and maybe a few more are there lurking somewhere in my mind which havent shown up.





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