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to discuss blogs and postings

As we try to impact the lives of other thru our writing it may seem almost  impossible to manage opposition and some alternative ideas

Do we need to have structure @ praja ; re posts and posting styles which does not evolve, and which is not tolerant of doing things in a different manner

Same way the De-schooling  of our monitors/ moderators / minders should take it upon themselves to be re-imagine what will make praje more inclsuive rather than take a rigid view, which always leads to cracks and breaks

Hope this post will not be DELETED again


though i agree with the following only in the description and not in the conclusions of pushing competitive  markets

A recent report by the Emerging Markets Forum for the Asian Development Bank asks whether India is moving towards oligarchic rather than competitive capitalism: “…there is a risk that India will evolve to a condition of oligarchic capitalism, in which the market and political power of major corporations will become a drag on long-term growth and a source of distortion in policy design.”
This is an issue that Raghuram Rajan, professor of finance at the University of Chicago and former economic counsellor and director of research of the International Monetary Fund, had visited in a September speech he gave in Mumbai. “If Russia is an oligarchy, how long can we resist calling India one?” he asked.
Rajan went on to describe the new system in stark terms: “The poor need the savvy politician to help them navigate through rotten public services. The politician needs the corrupt businessman to provide the funds that allow him to supply patronage to the poor and fight elections. The corrupt businessman needs the politician to get national resources cheaply.”
We see this manifest itself in land grabs under the guise of setting up special economic zones, the scandalous way telecom spectrum was handed over cheaply in 2008, the loot that goes on in the name of public-private partnerships and how the battle between the Ambani brothers messes up the distribution of natural gas.
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Okay, one more time.

Read the posting guidelines, and see what norms you have not followed

- Is this a local post? Not.

- Why have you tagged the post Bangalore? Which local area of Bangalore, or recent issue in the city does this post apply to?

- Why do you have to format the post so heavy - bold and italics. Over-formatted posts are hard to read. In case you DID NOT notice, some people moonlight here to correct overly-formatted and badly tagged posts from yourself and a few others.

Please read the moderation guidelines. It say very clearly that "I don't agree with you" is not the ground for moderation.

So please, either help us moderate and manage the site, or stick to posting guidelines. If you want to propogate ideologies without factual or citizen reporting aspects, may we suggest facebook, orkut, wordpress etc etc etc.Unlike water supply etc, Praja is not a public monopoly, there are options.

Now, you would say that other members post such stuff too. Those others post such stuff once in a while and not most of the time.

Cheers, and understand that people work behind this site to keep it relevant and focused. It is only a matter of respecting their time.

[Disclaimer - I was not the one who deleted your last post, another moderator would have. But I too would have deleted that post if that was all you posted.]

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Site usage guildelines

Here, usage guidelines regarding posts, comments, tags and moderation:

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further ...

Look at the ongoing healthcare post itself, despite losing his patience, asj has written long comments with examples, and context.

PA sir, if it makes you feel better, please ask murali, anatharam, syed me myself, and several others on how many times their posts too have been deleted by another moderator. If not liking the other view point was the criteria for moderation, your list of "posts from this member" might have been empty (see the list here But is that the case?

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Relevance and interest

Hope this post will not be DELETED again

I could have posted this topic on Praja myself as I found it interesting, but I chose to comment on the article at the news site itself as it is not a local issue to be discussed here. Most non local issues that I want to discuss, I take offline to my Blog and hope others do the same.

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Dear IDS, I posted it again

Dear IDS,

I posted it again since it was deleted and

in my post

I was referring to a support structure. Dear IDS and SB sir, that support structure

came out very well in the article from Mint quoting R Rajan (exIMF).

And that is very relevant here in Bangalore as much as Mumbai but less

so in Delhi and Kolkatta

I can refer some reading of the South Africa e.g by an Iranian prof.

This can be done offline

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You are not getting it

that support structure came out very well in the article from Mint quoting R Rajan (exIMF).

Indeed he puts it eloquently and I agree as much in the comments on the site, but it is non-local, non-issue-specific, universally true statement. You could post it for all issues here on Praja. It is an ethical battle that needs to be fought and has to be a factor to be taken into consideration while designing systems. It will become like me quoting population control as solution for eveything. Overpopulation is a problem but that is a factor to be taken into consideration when designing systems. This mutual back scratching and oligarchic influences is as local as overpopulation is.

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Praja is for a purpose!


The use of Praja resources specially its blog site is the privilege given to online community to promote citizen activism that could bring some sanity into our public utility services offered by civic agencies.

You have the privileges (not the right) as long as your agenda and Praja agenda is in sync. Anything beyond this, Praja stakeholders has right to stop you and others from using Praja to further your personal agendas which has no relevance to Praja's overall agenda.

It is in everybody's interest to see that they adhere to Praja's guidelines and use the Praja resources as privilege not as a right. comment guidelines

Posting Guidelines apply for comments as well. No foul language, hate mongering or personal attacks. If criticizing third person or an authority, you must be fact based, as constructive as possible, and use gentle words. Avoid going off-topic no matter how nice your comment is. Moderators reserve the right to either edit or simply delete comments that don't meet these guidelines. If you are nice enough to realize you violated the guidelines, please save Moderators some time by editing and fixing yourself. Thanks!

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