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The Mangalore SEZ

Website: http://www.mangaloresez.c... Launching the website on Tuesday, chairman of the Nitte Education Trust N. Vinay Hegde said: “I am a pro-SEZ person. Mangalore has no future unless we become SEZ friendly.” Welcoming the initiative, Mr. Hegde said that the website would help dispel “doubts and wrong information spread by people with vested interests”. However, he cautioned the company officials from taking the issue of rehabilitation lightly. He said that the sufferings caused by displacement should be mitigated with urgency. Mr. Hegde criticised the fact that only a handful of people from the displaced families were being trained in Karnataka Polytechnic to take up jobs at the proposed SEZ. “The number is less. More institutes should train the displaced people,” he said. He also said that local people should be absorbed in greater numbers in companies that would be part of the SEZ. “People should not get the feeling that outsiders have taken away their jobs,” he said. Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of MSEZL I.S.N. Prasad said that this was an interactive website and people who had doubts about the project could contact the company. He added that the website was also available in Kannada. The Hindu
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The Mangalore SEZ

CATF chaired by Mr. Vinay Hegde idealised on SEZ and few local industrialists (who where tired of KIADB's mismanagement of Industrial Estates)through KCCI made a proposal on a coastal SEZ hoping that local entrepreneurs will get an opportunity to compete globally. Petrochemical Processing and production was not a part of that proposal till they got the letter of consent for SEZ. ONGC(backed by international vested interests) hijacked the Mangalore SEZ project taking advantage of some weak elements in KCCI! no one dared question this.

Now these weak elements in the hope of getting some crumbs from MSEZ are on a full scale Bhajan of MSEZ. If Mr. Vinay Hegede really believes in some one sacrificing for the sake of nation, he should ask people of car street area whether they are willing to shift the temples there to ease traffic congestion in the interest of Mangalore's development.

If their answer is no, then Dear Mr. Hegde please don't expect the farmers to sacrifice their land for the sake of few vested interests who have covered their greed under the words of "employment" and "growth".

A Petrochemical SEZ is a disaster imposed on Tulunadu and it's people

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mangalore sez

thanks for the input man. so what is the issue? kudla folks will not be able employable in a petrochemical sez? what types of jobs would be there? how does jamnagar employ? i did that there was some noise about training. if kudla folks cant be trained then what about the rest of the state? also i saw that apart from petro there is space for other industries. atleast thats what the map said. also i keep reading about environmental concerns. just starting to track it, please share any information/information sources you have. thanks comment guidelines

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