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Book Release "Wisdom of ants A Short History of Economics"

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23 Nov 2012 18:00


Speaker :- Shankar Jaganathan

                    author of  "Corporate Disclosures: The Origin of Financial and Business Reporting"

                    (Routledge, 2009)

Venue     :- St Joseph's College of Commerce Auditorium,

                    #163, Brigade Road,

                    Bangalore 560 025.

Date        :- Friday November 23, 2012  

Time       :- 6-8 pm.



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The Book

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"Wisdom of ants A Short History of Economics"

 The increasing influence of Economics in many spheres of human life is not a fringe phenomenon. It has slowly but surely influenced mainstream thinking. Stemming from this is the widespread support for ideas that place the market as the primary decision-making apparatus in society.  

The three main concepts marked as the key features that elevated Economics to its current dominant status are:-

1 Private property

2 Social sanctions for self-centered individualism and

3 Materialistic out look

In Prominent civilizations like:-

  1. Greek,
  2. Indian,
  3. Chinese and
  4. Islamic 

Economics never emerged as a distinct discipline though they were closely examined.

The economic crisis of 2008 has revived the hopes of many socialists. This book discusses the relevance of socialism in current times and tries to explore its potential manifestations. Between the two extremes of Communism, which negates private property, and capitalism, which celebrates it, there are other experiments we can learn from. It appears that the answers do not lie in extremes - they rarely do.


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