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Turahalli Habba

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9 Sep 2012 08:00

Time to head towards Turahalli for our annual day outing. Bring out your Binoculars / climbing shoes / cycles / etc on Sunday, the 9th Sept. Apart from the annual jaunt, I also suggest we have an awareness program about Turahalli. If we all don't act fast we might loose THE last lung space in South Bengaluru.

Early morning will be for small groups to go around on your own (with an instructor). But for climbing, one has to have an experienced instructor whom you will be able to find on the way to the temple at the top. Around lunch time we will have a couple of talks by seniors. We would also have some experienced persons who will take anyone interested on a 'tree watching walk'. We would also require some people(volunteers) to do a tree census of the whole area. So that if there are any tree felling one can know about it.

Do's & Don'ts
- Have breakfast or bring a big packed b/f.
- Drink lots of water and get atleast 2 lt. per person we will be also be able to provide water.
- Get whatever hardware you have and need.
- If possible each of you can get some garbage bags to carry back litter that is already in abundance.
- Bring a book and pen to make notes, sketches etc.
- Be friendly to others.
- Please get all your family members and friends, also spread the word about an enjoying and learning experience they are going to have.
- If anyone has contacts with media please inform them so that we get coverage ( to Save Turahalli)
- Also make some posters and placards about the importance of having Green cover.
- Wear slightly dull coloured clothes, also not flowing clothes (thorns)
- Don't wander off on your own and try something you are not experienced about.
- Don't litter or talk in loud tones.
- Don't collect any samples - take photos / sketches instead.
- Avoid soap get hand sanitizer instead.

Please RSVP Deepak Arya to Turahalli-State-Forest-BDA- proposed-100-acre-park- adventure-sports-hub

Deepak Arya


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Good meet-up

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I have visited Turahalli on & off bouldering (a form of rock climbing) for a while. 

Turahalli today is what is left of a much larger forest in the past, and still remains a designated reseve forest, under the forest department. A fairly large hill, with a lot of boulders make it a favorite spot amongst rock climbers and nature lovers. Go there on any Saturday or Sunday morning, and you see hundreads climbing (and helping newbies like me), pepole jogging, mountain bike riders, bird watchers using the space responsibly, and help maintain the place.

See some more info here:

Long story, but in summary, there have been many attempts made in the past to encroach upon what is left of this reserved forst. Latest ones being some expansion attempts at a temple at the top (in fact, from what I hear, one of the senior forst officials is a sponsor to the new structure that just came up), and some plans to hand over the entire area to Jungle Resorts to turn it into an adventure sports resort. As usual not much info is out in the public, and if other JLR places are any indication, this place will turn into their exclusive zone with exoribitant entry fees.

Many hundreds turned up for this annual habba. ESGs Leo Saldana, Deepak Arya and other experienced climbers spoke at this spontaneous event. I also saw TV9 and (onother TV Channel) crew, and what appeared to be a press cameraman. Idea was to create awareness amongst Turahalli users about the happenings that don't bode well. A complaint has already been filed at the forst department related to the most recent expansion of the temple, and hope the attendees signatures will put some pressure on the forst officials.

Will post some pictures from this event soon.


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Brand new. This one didn't exist just a couple of weeks ago!:

Sample of the crowd. This was around 12:30pm. Many more attended - quite a few left as noon approached.




Another section of the crowd:
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