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Mobilicity 2010 with CiSTUP

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15 Jul 2010 17:00
Commuter RailPublic Transport

Agenda: Discuss Mobilicity 2010 event which will have Commuter Rail and suburban connect as focus.

Venue: CiSTUP, IISC (18th cross mariamma temple circle entrance)

If interested you can show up at CiSTUP we will gather there before the meeting


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Will be there

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See you by 5 pm. Have a hard stop at 6 pm, but 1 hour is more than enough to get started.

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Its good thing, we are meeting on Commuter rail.

Will be reaching by 16:50 Hrs


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Great will be there

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 Long time no see. Will be at CISTUP by 5 PM to day.

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This is NOT Commuter Rail only

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Ideas is to talk Mobilicity 2010, and will obviously talk about Commuter Rail as one subject for it.

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Dedicated Bus Lanes / BRT

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 Dedicated Bus Lanes / BRT on wide roads such as KG Road, Residency Road, Old Airport Road from Infant Jesus Church Entrance to Corporation Circle, ORR, IRR  could also be good topics to discuss.

We need sustainable transport like Commuter Rail & BRT.

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Dedicated Bus Lanes / BRT on

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Dedicated Bus Lanes / BRT on wide roads such as...

Small stretches of wide roads are not enough. One should make an entire corridor with measurements on how much width dedicated lanes will need and how will remain for the rest of the traffic. We can look at tram train corridors also which can be used by buses as well. The distance has to be 10 kms of more thru heavy usage stretches and it should connect other modes like metro, TTMC etc along the way. comment guidelines

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