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Namma Metro Phase 2 Soil Testing

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Today morning I saw soil testing of Namma Metro Phase 2 in Bank Colony near Udupi Upahar hotel. Boards had written "namma metro phase 2 soil testing".

We didn't hear anywhere officially about the alignment of Phase 2 Namma Metro. Surprised to see this!!

I heard the second phase Metro between Kattriguppe to ITPL and Electronic City to Yelahanka.  Any updates on soil testing near Electronic City ?


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board reads DPR..

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I saw the testing site too read DPR for phase idea what the delhi metro guys are doing!

lemme see if i can talk to them on site!

Btw the are they considering the SCOMI mono rail route at all? By the looks of it they are not!

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Bannerghata road

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Soil testing is going on in full swing on bannerghata road. Is metro coming on bannerghata road also ? 

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The DPR for phase II is to be submitted by DMRC by august 2009 ...
I observed geo-technical survey going on near shivajinagar bus stop....
From DMRC webiste only call for tenders for geo-technical survey is availabe.
If we can locate all the places were soil survery is being done, we approximate phase 2 route....else wait a month or two for DPR.

Extend the route from bypannahalli-ITPL-Whitefield
From Yelahank-Nagwara-Tannery road-Frazer town-shivajinagar-MG road junction-hosur road-electronic city( this may include phase3 also)
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JC Road

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JC Road too

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Spoke to an 'engineer'

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    I saw that the work going on near PES College (Hanumantanagar) for the past week. Today, I made time to stop by and ask the person there about the work.

       The barricade-boards carry the Bangalore Metro logo. But, I am given to understand that this is indeed for mono-rail. I guess they are going ahead with the CTTP alignment and hence, the Scomi proposal may have been shelved. (Personally, I am happy about that since the Scomi proposal didnt seem to have enough interchanges with the Metro, but just cutting accross it)

      I am given to understand that the soil testing is being carried out by Secon Pvt lmt for DMRC. DMRC is the consulting agency and is responsible for the DPR. The DPR should be ready by August-September 2009.

     The person I spoke said he was employed with Secon for 5 years and then he has set up his own equipments. Now, he has been subcontracted by Secon for the soil testing.  He said he has over 15 years of experience in the soil testing and worked for Delhi Metro, Bangalore Metro and a host of oil and gas pipelines.

     As part of soil testing, they will have to drill the soil till they encounter a rock and then drill the rock for a depth of 15 feet. He said , with his machinery, he could drill upto 50 feet of soil in a day and the 15 feet of rock drilling could take anything between 1 and 7 days dapending on the hardness of the rock encountered. As part of the soiltesting, they have to collect the rock samples, based on which Secon will provide the report and DMRC will further verify the report based on the rock/stone samples. This soil tesing is done every 500-750mts. Infact, he also showed me  the rock samples he had collected at BankColony.

      He did not have all the deatils about the alignment, but knew exactly where the soil testing was being done. Based on that he gave me what he thought was the route. But, after some thought/talk, I realised that there are two lines planned. One from Nayandhalli Metro station to National College/Corporation. Another from Market metro station to banashakari metro station.

      The Nayandahalli Line - This line starts from Nayandahalli and moves along the Ring road as an elevated line till Hosakerehalli. From Hosakerehalli , it goes underground, mainly due to the narrow roads. the route from there on is Hosakerhalli --> Bankcolony --> PES College(srinagar) --> then along the 50 ft road to RK Ashrama and then to National college Metro. Based on Arun's update, I guess from there on the line continues to Sajjan Rao Circle, JC road and terminates at Corporation/Market.

      The other line starts at Banashakari and then along the Ring road till Jayadeva, then on Bannergatta Road till Dairy circle, then on to KH road, finally terminating at Corporation/ KR Market. He said the line terminates at Hussain circle, may be he meant Hudson Circle!!

      Has the soiltesting started for even the Yelahanka - EC lines??

-Srivatsava V

-Srivatsava V

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Thanks for the update Srivatsava

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Thanks for the update Srivatsava. I was trying to guess what might be the alignment. Good that it goes underground in Bankcolony and 50 feet road. These two roads along with the Kattriguppe main road has become high traffic zones because of newer localities coming up beyond and around Hoskerehalli.

My another suggestion is the extension of Banashankari - Corporation line via Bannerghatta Road to Kumaraswamy Layout via Padmanabhanagar.

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Monorail on the other segments

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       The CTTP map on the BMLTA website ( ) shows the mono rail routes planned all around the city. I am surprised that the monorail is taking shape only on the sourtern segment. Banashankari, KR market, Basavanagudi (KR road) are all on the sourthern segment.

     Again, there is NO mono/metro-rail planned for Tanisandra Main road and Hennur Main road. Yes, the numbers today may not be as high as the ones in other parts of the city. But, this may be right time to introduce a Metro-Mono for these roads. there will be lesser 'nuisance' during the construction and we can work towards capturing over 80% of the population in these areas for public transport. To me, this is a second major oversight for the area, considering that Big10 was not available for the roads.


-Srivatsava V

-Srivatsava V

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Padmanabhanagar/Kumarswamy Lyt Mono

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      You have made a fine point about the Kumarswamy Layout (KSL) and Padmanabhanagar needing a rail network. 

       But,I do not agree that the BSK-KR market lines should go through the areas. That would make the mono rail too long for people to find it useful, since Mono is slower than Metro. I would look at two other alternatives.

       Since Kanakapura road is getting the Metro, we should connect KSL to it, since kanakapura road is less than 3 kms from there. So one possible route I see for the mono is Kanakapura road - ISRO Lyt, KSL, Uttarahalli, Padmanabhanagar, Hosakerhalli. From Hosakerehalli, it will be connected to both Nayandahalli and KR road by mono.

      Another possible route is that the mono could still start from Kanakapura road then proceed to Isro Layout, KSL, Padmanabhanagar, Uttarahalli, Rajarajeshwari Nagar to terminate at RR-Nagar Arch. There will be station around the Arch when the Metro is extended to Kengeri.

-Srivatsava V

-Srivatsava V

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not according to CTTP

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 Guess its a totally different routes they are trying to chart out with the monorail plan!

The tanisandra/hennur road looks connected with commuter rail instead of monorail in the CTTP plan..

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I forgot the Kanakapura Road Metro

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Srivatsava Sir,  I forgot the Kanakapura Road Metro. As you said it will be the nearest.

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Airport Road

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Today i saw soil testing happening at airport road before the victoria layout.....and it was put soil testing for metro phase 2
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DMRC tender document link

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Please see this link.  This specifies exactly what these guys are up to.



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ph II route reported (guessed!) earlier..

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..the major route on Phase II will be between Peripheral Ring Road (Electronics City) and Yelahanka with a changeover at Namma Metro’s M.G. Road Station...

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It is Metro not mono

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so it is clear that It is Metro not mono. What will happen to Scomi's alignment?

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Phase-II DPR in Aug 2009

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As Vinod_shankar pointed out above, Metro Phase II DPR is due out in August. Can some people volunteer to connect with BMRCL and plan a DPR preview/review or presentation from them in August/September.

We want to scrutinize DPR as deeply as possible, and if there is a "people review" window planned, we must give our collective inputs (can aggregate via this website - the modern, scalable way) to BMRCL..

I am busy with some other Praja things (watch for some announcements on Praja structure change etc), or else I would have done this myself.

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phase II DPR review

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 i would like to be a part of the review/preview process for phase II DPR.
I would like to take this up, but i'm not sure how to go about it.  It would be good if we can have 'live meeting' sometime during the begining of july.

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some more soil test locations

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I came across a few more soil test sites by SECON  during my daily office commute.
1. near agram defence accounts office
2.near command hospital junction
3.Near Manipal hospital junction
4.Near HAL  junction

From these test locations its clear that old airport is definitely a part of phase II in line with CTTP

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Soil testing in Whitefield

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I have also noticed the soil testing activities (by Secon) for Metro Phase II at 2 locations in the Whitefield area

  1. Approximately opposite to Salarpuria GR Tech Park on the road connecting ITPL and Hope Farm
  2. On the Hope Farm - Kadugodi road appoximately opposite to the BSNL office. 
This has been going on since the last 3 days.
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soil testing at a few more locations ....

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Noticed soil testing at tannery road-frazer town junction  and also at nagavara ring road junction....I guess most of the testing for phase II is done....



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Soil testing on Bellary road

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Hi everybody - I'm dropping in after a really long time (nearly 3 years ). I did notice soil testing activities on Bellary road as well, just before the Yelahanka signal - the boards read Bangalore Metro and are green in color. So the Yelahanka alignment is probably right. comment guidelines

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