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Mysore City Transport Website

Similar to BMTC website, I find there is no website of Mysore Transport Department. Ideally we should have a website giving details of timings and route details. Also with the recent addition of 16 volvos as city buses, this is all the more important. We need information about volvo bus route maps. If the improvements happen in the initial stages, it will save Mysore becoming clogged like Bangalore.
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May be after 2 years...

Even if such an information system is to be enabled for the benefit of the commuters in Mysore city, KSRTC Mysore Division is not so techno savvy to provide this kind of e.governance.  At best, the central office of KSRTC may take the hint and outsource creation of time table etc., only to provide information that cannot be accessed by aam aadmi.

Let things happen to Mysore like Bengaluru and then they may wake up and do something to make some move to help the commuters.

Introduction of empty running Volvo buses that cost Rs.75 lakhs is not an anthema for improving the basic infrastructure of commuters in tier 2 cities.

- In Bengaluru, for the third year in succession, volvos are bleeding BMTC red.

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