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MCC plans to axe 200+ trees on Lalitha Mahal Road

Email Mysore Grahakara Parishat and ACICM

Hello Sir,

I think you should inform Mysore Grahakara Parishat, Association of Concerned and Informed Citizens of Mysore (ACICM), Star of Mysore and other organisations based out of Mysore.

Remember a simple logic of road widening is like trying to control obesity to switch to larger sized pants. 

No matter how much you widen the roads in a city, without controlling private vehicle population, congestion will never be solved.

It is imperative for a city like Mysore to preserve it's heritage, old world charm and focus on public transport.

Vasanthkumar Mysoremath

Vasanthji - are you reading this? 

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Read JNNURM FUNDS BEING (mis)/USED for destroying 123 trees?

Cadambi / Tanveer Sirs,

Please have a look at my post dated 31-5-09 addressed especially to Mysoreans-

I am in touch with a few like minded green people (unfortunately, Mysore has splinter groups and not a united vibrant civil society) and hope to stage at least a symbolic protest on the verdant Lalitha Mahal Road (also known as Narasimharaja Boulevard).  I am available on 98459 50440. we should have an Appiko movement. Do not be recalcitrant

Question: Can JNNURM funds be used/misused to destroy verdant greenery of a heritage city in the name of widening the road ? 

I have also proposed solutions:

- Please do not destroy greenery because MCC itself has declared that 1 km area around Lalitha Mahal is 'restricted zone'.  It will create an irrepairable loss to the greenery that has a pride of place in the hearts of nature loving Mysoreans; there will be opposition from all quarters.  

(MCC has proposed a public meeting on World Environment Day on 5th June 2009 near the Arch on Lalitha Mahal Road to discuss this very proposal) - /asking for trouble?/)

- Please plan for a tunnel/underground road - double decker - between Race Course junction and the Arch on Lalitha Mahal Road, if necessary, go a little further and branch out.

- plan for strengthened magic boxes as an alternative method - use such facilities where there is scope for saving verdant greenery in Mysore.  

- Please do not convert Mysoru into a Hell Hole like Bengaluru - the latest dubious distinction is 'DIRTY CITY".

-  Any kind of road widening above ground will result in either cutting down well grown trees or pruning large branches of verdant greenery.  Whether authorities have considered alternatives like creating double decker road by going underground to save the environment and destruction of 123 trees is not clear.  Irrepairable damage to the environment and destruction of natural carbon sink facility should not be resorted to at the drop of a hat or just because a proposal has been put up by some bright soul.  The present volume of traffic does not warrant such a destructive holocast to be imposed on nature. 

-  When World is concerned about carbon sinks, destruction of grown up trees will be the worst act of cruelty to the delicate ecology and environment of the earth.  

- Please remember: One grown up tree gives oxygen to a grown up man for 134 years.   GO UNDERGROUND - CREATE DOUBLE DECKER ROAD to branch out at either ends.  Technology exists for bettering the life of mankind and not for destroying the very nature he is living. 

- If MCC is trying to create it for the welfare of the people, destruction of 123 trees cannot be considered as a welfare measure by any stretch of imagination and please do not go back on your commitment for safeguarding nature around Lalitha Mahal.  People will not excuse.

- This act of MCC appears to be worse than the USA proposed NUCLEAR 123 agreement.

- MCC has shown a high concern for maintaining the fair name of this heritage and green city of Mysore in all its earlier endeavors and has been spending so much of money for improving the greenery and it will not augur well for such a responsible body to bring up such proposals in public domain because it will unnecessarily create a disturbance in the mindset of sedate Mysoreans and also the fair name of MCC will get smudged.


- Vasanthkumar Mysoremath

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I've emailed Mysore Grahakara Parishat or MGP

Thank you.

I've emailed Mysore Grahakara Parishat or MGP as I'm also its member. I've also emailed MAN (Mysore Amateur Naturalists).

Emailing Star of Mysore may / might not be productive as I'd read an article by its editor who had  unfortunately written in favour of four or six laning of this particular stretch of the road by axing trees.

've informed Karanji and Siddharthanagar Tax Payers' Association or KSTPA as I'm also its member.


Syed Tanveeruddin / सैयद तन्वीरुद्दीन / ಸೈಯದ್ ತನ್ವೀರುದ್ದೀನ್

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MCC has a penchant for breaking its own rules

Mysore City Corporation (MCC) has a penchant for breaking its own resolutions and laws -
Mysore musings The Hindu Tuesday, Jun 02, 2009
Breaking the rules
The Mysore City Corporation (MCC) has a penchant for breaking its own resolutions and laws.
A case in point is the public meeting called on Friday, June 5, 2009 to seek public opinion on whether to axe more than 120 trees on either side of Lalitha Mahal Road adjoining the Karanji lake. (The meeting will be held near the Arch Gate adjoining the Lalitha Mahal Palace at 11 a.m. on Friday.)

The rationale for tree felling is of course road-widening to reduce traffic congestion. But the question asked by citizens is can’t the authorities divert traffic to reduce the congestion, which is a viable long-term and permanent solution?

It was only recently that the MCC passed a resolution declaring the area in a radius of 1 km around the Lalitha Mahal Palace as a restricted zone in a bid to conserve its beauty. But now another wing of the MCC is out to violate what the council adopted.

But this is not the first time that the MCC has acted in such a manner. The corporation, in the past, has adopted a series of resolutions on building bylaw and restrictions on commercial hoardings in view of the city’s heritage character. And on each occasion they have been flouted.

Rumours have it that there is another resolution in the offing to conserve heritage buildings. Heritage lovers are now perturbed as given the MCC’s track record these structures may be doomed.
Syed Tanveeruddin / सैयद तन्वीरुद्दीन / ಸೈಯದ್ ತನ್ವೀರುದ್ದೀನ್

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I see no traffic volume - why road widening

Road should be widened only if the traffic volume is too high to be handled with the existing width. Even with that we have the options of one ways.  Another  new road parallel to this road can be built making this road one way since it is open land after commissioner office towards Lalith Mahal. Near commissioner office, a bit of property can be acquired (mostly compund space) and a new road can be built through that for one way retaining existing road as another way.

Road is very wide from commissioner office to zoo garden. Only from Commissioner office onwards it is 2 lane. But, traffic volume is so low, I don't know who is that 'insane' person who is initiating this road widening.

'Cars' are the ultimate culprits destroying trees. Three 2 wheelers in each direction can easily pass in this road in the existing setup itself. Income levels and the car volume in Mysore has not reached the level of Bangalore too to call for such an action.

Instead of roaming around bush calling other organizations, why not we file a PIL case against it in Mysore court?

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Real McCoy

 Cars' are the ultimate culprits destroying trees

No, I believe the culprits are city planners who cant see intelligent alternate options. They choose the easy way out. 

It is important to study what is the volume of traffic passing through and where they are headed, Then identify alternate routes and do not provide throughfare for those places that can be reached by alternates. I see some options already being given here.

§§§ Tweetenator

srinidhi's picture funds at disposal..

Its just a nepa for eating up funds from JNNURM and other sources.. 

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Mysoreans will be there on 8-6-09/11 am ARCH Lalitha Mahal Rd.

Dear All

Great going. ThanX.  We Mysoreans will be there at 11 AM on 8-6-09 - (not on 5-6-09 as announced earlier) near the Arch on Lalitha Mahal Road near the Arch. 

I am in touch with MGP - many members have expressed their solidarity.  I am also in touch with Heritage Mysore Round Table - they have also expressed their concern and their presence. I have discussed the matter with ACICM and there will be sizeable number of their members at the venue. 

There is no necessity to axe these wonderful trees - there is not much traffic volume- there is enough land for converting that stretch into a double road by keeping the trees at the median.

Way to go folks - wish us good luck. - we want our children / grand children to have some greenery for their survival. 

Please have a look at my post dated 31-5-09 addressed especially to Mysoreans-


- Vasanth Mysoremath 

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Unique way to celebrate Environment Day - SOM, June 4, 2009


Unique way to celebrate Environment Day

This year, the best way to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5 would be for all concerned Mysoreans to assemble near the Arch Gate on Lalitha Mahal Road at 11 am on Friday to protest peacefully against the felling of 123 majestic and beautiful, car-bondioxide-consuming, oxygen-giving trees for road-widening. Some of these trees are over 100 years old.

The justification for road-widening given by the authorities is the increasing traffic. By any stretch of imagination, traffic on the roads surrounding this area from Race Course to the Arch Gate leading to T. Narasipur Road is not heavy enough to widen the roads.

For the sake of argument, let us assume that the earlier number of vehicles went up from 50 per hour to 200 on this road. The percentage increase looks large, but still manageable. It does not justify widening the road in an area which is also declared as heritage site and in any case one cannot justify felling of the trees.

It is not that part of Mysore with high density of traffic moving at high speed like on an expressway. Even if for two or three kilometers, vehicles have to move at lower speed to save trees, it is worth paying the price. It is our responsibility to convince the authorities of this fact.

Widening roads to admit more fast-moving cars will mean more exhaust pollution, and cutting trees will remove the capacity to compensate for the increased pollution. Rather than more cars, more buses will transport more people in the same road space, without the need to widen the road. This is the value judgment, we as a society need to make to face the looming energy crisis.

Instead of using JNNURM funds for widening the roads, it could be used for improving the slums of Mysore. This is one example of lop-sided planning when the public is not consulted on the priority of projects.

Environmentalists and those concerned with the livability and beauty of Mysore City need to register their opposition to tree-felling, if the trees and Mysore's ambience are to be saved. Let us get inspiration from Chipko movement of Sunderlal Bahu-guna and rise to the occasion to stop the felling of these trees.

Let us also recall a similar movement MGP launched in 90s with the help of students from Sarada Vilas and Maharani's college to save the felling of trees around the Race Course.

— Bhamy V. Shenoy

Star of Mysore, Thursday, June 04 , 2009


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DC stays felling of 123 trees on Race Course Road - SOM, June 04

Mysore DC stays felling of 123 trees on Race Course Road - SOM, Thursday, June 04, 2009

Mysore, June 4- Following opposition from environmentalists over the proposal to fell 123 trees on Race Course Road in Mysore for road-widening work, Deputy Commissioner P. Manivannan has directed the authorities of Mysore City Corporation (MCC) to find alternatives immediately.

The DC, in his letter to Corporation Commissioner K.S. Raikar, has expressed concern about the Corporation's decision to fell 123 trees to take up road-widening works under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM).

He stated that both MCC and Forest Department should discuss ways out of the problem without resorting to felling the trees. The MCC should examine whether road-widening work is required as the stretch from Race Course up to Lalitha Mahal Road was wide enough for the movement of traffic.

Manivannan also sought to know whether there was any recommendation from the Police authorities for widening of that stretch of road due to frequent traffic snarls on a daily basis.

If there is any specific recommendation, then the copy of the same should be sent to him to pursue the matter with the Police Department officials and also to find better alternatives to avoid the same.

"The Corporation should not take any unilateral decision without giving satisfactory reply in this regard," he added.

Star of Mysore, Thursday, June 04 , 2009

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Offensive article in SOM against environmentalists and NGOs

There's an extremely offensive article titled Abracadabra (Cut the trees, Make the road, Plant the trees, Talkative Indians, Argumentative Indians take India to a slow grind in a fast moving world) in the Star of Mysore dated Thursday, June 04, 2009 against all NGOs and environmentalists.

It's been written by none other than the Editor himself.

I don't know whether these Amar, Akbar and Anthony whom he's referring to are the real life fictional characters inspired from one of my favourite 1977 superhit film of Amitabh.

The editor unfortunately thinks / considers himself to be the descendent of the Maharaja of Mysore.
-Tanveer / Syed Tanveeruddin / सैयद तन्वीरुद्दीन / ಸೈಯದ್ ತನ್ವೀರುದ್ದೀನ್

KB Ganapathy - SOM

 I have utmost regards for Mr K B Ganapathy, the editor of Star of Mysore. I respect him for his integrity and service to the nation.

That said, i am baffled at how he wants to push ahead this project.

Evidently he is one of those SUV loving folks who want wide roads.

He does not seem to get Captain Naveen Chandra's point about widening roads as we have many times elucidated in this forum.

Instead of campaigning for Commuter Rail in and around Mysore, Bus Rapid Transit and other required infrastructure, Mr Ganapathy seems to have his own personal agenda.

He wants to be an environmentalist when it suits his personal beliefs best. Look at how he opposed the Fab City project in Mysore, but welcomes Kheny's NICE project!

He seems to succumbed to the logic that widening roads will solve traffic problems.

I had and to a great extent, still have regard for 'Star of Mysore'. But this event has led me thinking more about this position.

I thank Mr P Manivannan - he has cracked the whip when and where it has to be cracked.

In the Bible there is a story of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. God wanted to destroy these sinful cities. The biblical prophet abraham pleaded with god to spare these cities if god found about 1000 sinless humans. God said no. Abraham pleaded again, but God did not give in, and eventually destroyed the sinful cities.

These days, i am more charitable than God himself. I have found ONE bureaucrat who genuinely cares for the people!

Three cheers to Mr P Manivannan!

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SOM Editor wants to boost the circulation by criticising NGOs

The easiest way to boost circulation is to provoke NGOs and environmentalists so that they'd react.

Just because his (SOM Editor's) residence is at Lalithadripura he probably wants himself to be connected by a four/six lane expressway from Lalithadripura residence to his Office at Bannimantap.

I don't think anyone really exists by the name Anthony in Siddharthanagar or Siddhartha Layout nor any Akbar uses the Lalitha Mahal Road. They seem to be like non-existent fictional characters created by SOM editor in/for his article Abracadabra.

NGOs and environmentalists devote their precious time, energy and money despite severe criticism from their own elders/relatives only to hear/read such offensive comments / articles by SOM Editor.

Unfortunately, according to elders/relatives a particular civic / environmental issue is an universal problem of the entire city / state / country. According to them I'd face the same problem as others and I should not be antagonising others.

I'm eternally grateful prayingpraying to God as he's (SOM Editor is) not the Editor of any of the reputed national and regional daily/dailies.


Syed Tanveeruddin / सैयद तन्वीरुद्दीन / ಸೈಯದ್ ತನ್ವೀರುದ್ದೀನ್


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Cut the trees, Make the road, Plant the trees - June 04, 2009

Star of Mysore, Thursday, June 04, 2009

Abracadabra... Abracadabra...

By K.B. Ganapathy


Cut the trees, Make the road, Plant the trees 

Talkative Indians, Argumentative Indians take India to a slow grind in a fast-moving world

The road to the progress of Mysore city is paved with roses, no doubt, what with the windfall of money that is falling into its kitty like manna from heaven in the form of grants under JNNURM, a Central scheme and the resources raised by the Mysore City Corporation (MCC) and grants from the State government amounting to Rs.100 crore. However, sadly we seem to find more of thorns and less of roses strewn on the path of progress. As a result, many progressive developmental works are either stalled or revised leading to not progress but regress.

This predicament is presently seen in the matter of works connected with the roads, subways, parks and water works. The controversy about the question of entrusting the maintenance and distribution of water supply to JUSCO (a Tata company with proven ability and specialisation in this field) is still raging with a vertical division among the citizens of the city. One section, comprising some NGOs and experts, is backing the move saying it is only for a short period of 6 years that JUSCO will manage, after which the responsibility will come back to the Corporation.

However, there is another section which assumes this temporary agreement of 6 years as permanent and vehemently opposes this part of the comprehensive agreement entered into with the JUSCO. One should be naive to believe that the present water distribution system, managed by Vani Vilas Water Works (VVWW) in association with the MCC, is perfect in the matter of quality, quantity and regularity, and therefore, there is need to oppose JUSCO. Well, since the present distribution is not perfect there indeed is some ulterior motive in opposing the agreement about which the bureaucrats, politicians and the common citizenry know.

This is a golden opportunity for the Mysoreans to rise above selfish, narrow considerations in the matter of distribution of water and make best use of the services of JUSCO. If we fail, the city will surely see the collapse of water distri- bution system as it is now and live with this problem as our destiny.

Now let us turn our attention to the road works under JNNURM that are underway in some parts of our city. Take for example the Lalitha Mahal Palace Road and Race Course Road where road widening works are proposed. The environmentalists and the city's premier NGO, the Mysore Graha-kara Parishat (MGP), are crying foul over the proposal to cut 123 trees to enable the widening of the road making it a two-lane road, to ease the heavy traffic on these roads day and night.

Frequent accidents are also occurring on these roads for the past five years. The vehicles from T. Narasipur Road, Bannur Road, Siddartha Layout, Hill Temple and Alanahalli Layout enter this road creating traffic jam. On Fridays and Tuesdays there will be further rush because of those visiting the temple. Incidentally, this is the road which VIPs often traverse because of the location of the Five Star Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel, Hill Temple and the helipad. This is also the road on either side of which are located Clubs and Public Offices apart from four major apartment buildings, Kalyan Mantap, not to speak of Karanji Lake Nature Park where thousands of tourists converge almost everyday creating traffic congestion on the present narrow road.

One of the reasons for the trucks and buses going to Nanjangud and beyond entering this road is the non-completion of the 9km stretch of the Ring Road between Bannur Road and Nanjangud Road due to the apathy on the part of our politicians and bureaucrats having vest- ed interests. Whose city is this anyway?

In such a high density traffic scenario on this road, prone to accidents, congestion and slow movement of vehicles, is it wise on the part of the NGOs and the environmentalists to protest the proposed felling of 123 trees to build a two-lane road ? Further, what kind of trees are they? Most of them are warped and desiccated with crumbling branches ready to fall on their side, any side, any time on anybody and on any passing vehicle.

There were two life-sized statues of Postman Basappa and another of Commandant Bhu-janga Rao in front of the KSRP building, which got knocked off as a result of a tree falling on them. They were almost like heritage statues of the days of the Maharaja. The PWD quickly removed the disfigured statues and dumped them in its godown till our vocal and dynamic NGO, M. Lakshmana of ACICM restored them at his own cost at the request of this writer some years back.

Now, strange it may sound if I say that another tree is ready to fall on these statues unless they are removed in time. I myself commute on this road at least four times day and night and I know how harassed I am.

"I am Anitha Amar, a home-maker. I have to drop my child at a play house on my scooty. I offer prayers before leaving my house with my child and after I bring her home in the afternoon. God is with me."

"My name is Anthony Gonzalves. I stay in Siddhartha Layout and go to my work place near Chamundi Hill, full of tension and anxiety, while driving on this road."

"I am Akbar, the mechanic. I drive my Santro which is battered all over its body. Thanks to the bombastic sounding Lalitha Mahal Palace Road."

This is how a commoner travelling on the road everyday perceives the driving on this road. I am sure those who are protesting today about the proposal to axe 123 trees, which are really not 'majestic' as they claim to look at, unless one is either a myopic or has a misplaced sense of understanding of the word majestic, have not driven on this road as often as myself or Amar, Akbar and Anthony mentioned above. This is the problem with many arm-chair NGOs.

These are the same NGOs who once objected to the construction of the present Mysore-Bangalore 4-lane expressway, despite an average death-a-day accident and 3 to 4 hours of travelling time to cover a distance of 145 km. These are the same NGOs who objected to the felling of a shapeless, leafless tree on JLB road to facilitate installation of signal lights.

NGOs no doubt have an important role to play in an administration full of corrupt, incompetent officials. But the NGOs should not come in the way of development which is quite important, on some flimsy gro-und. The issue of tree-felling is not something like the man-animal conflict the villagers are facing as a result of man encroaching upon the land that really belongs to the animal.

Now, if we do not cut these trees which may not even survive for more than 5 years because of the old age and other reasons, what option do we have before us to construct the road? There was a suggestion that the road be made one way on either side of the row of trees to the length possible. Well this is no suggestion at all, for a road is made for ever and it has to be made strong and with certain alignment. A public road is not a road inside a holiday resort or any private property. In an editorial recently we had posed a question about the same issue:

"There is a need to widen the Lalitha Mahal Palace Road (also known as Narasimharaja Boulevard), but is there a way of doing it without felling of trees? If there is, then tree lovers must suggest it to the MCC. If it is impossible to save the trees then it is better they be felled so that there is a smooth movement of traffic, which means less wastage of costly fuel, less congestion and saving of travelling time." And no accidents either. The editorial further suggested:

"If these trees are felled, then their loss must be well-compensated by mass planting of trees in and around the city."

There is still another option available. In the place of the present old, unwieldy and dying trees new species of dwarf, ornamental trees could be planted which would grow to good size in just 2 to 3 years. A good horticulturist could be drafted to advice, not the forest officials, please.

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Suggest alternatives

For all the criticism, he is right on one part.  Do come up with alternatives, so that there can be a good discussion and may the best one prevail. Else, you become like he says, an obstructionist, say no to everything. For example, this is what I am doing in my layout. Download and see attachment to this blog.

If somebody can come up with pcitures/sketches/ traffic pattern/ accident prone spots, I can try and come up with an alternate design, in the same pattern as above.  If the trees have been planted neatly and in a line, they can be used to aid the traffic flow and actually better the safety and smoothen the traffic.

Am unfortunately not aware of this road or Mysore, but I can assist somebody who takes the initative.



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Alternatives exist - tunnel road/double decker or double road...

Dear All,

First - is there a necessity to widen Narasimharaja Boulevard a.ka.a Lalitha Mahal Road for the non-existent  heavy traffic;

Second - Is this the way to use/misuse JNNURM funds?

Third  - Read Star of Mysore Editorial of todate (4-6-09) where it is pointed out - KBG's scathing remarks are pertinent -  that as against about 280 existing parks, MCC has plans to develop 600 parks at a cost of Rs.10 lakhs each i.e., a whooping Rs.60 crores, and MCC has also plans to develop the existing Town Hall in Mysore city into a tourist attraction (????!!!) at a whooping cost of Rs.22.50 crores.

Just because MCC is flush with Govt.of India sanctioned JNNURM, ADB and other funds, it does not mean that they should splurge in an imprudent manner. 

- People are craving for basic amenities and facilities in Mysore city - please do not waste such valuable tax payers moiney just because it is not coming from the coffers of MCC.

- People are watching - politicians are here today and gone tomorrow - it is we, the people who have to live.  Take care.

MGP members have confirmed that they will be there.   I will be there with my Mysore peta and placards of my own making.

- Mysoreans - please come and protest for the sake of your children and grand children.  IT IS NOW OR NEVER.

-Vasanth Mysoremath, Social Activist, Mysoru

Completion of ORR

According to Mr K B Ganapathy himself, "One of the reasons for the trucks and buses going to Nanjangud and beyond entering this road is the non-completion of the 9km stretch of the Ring Road between Bannur Road and Nanjangud Road due to the apathy on the part of our politicians and bureaucrats having vest- ed interests."

He himself has answered his own question. Does he have the guts to run a campaign to finish completion of the 9 km strech?

Of course, the soft state that we have to govern ourselves will not do anything that will remotely hurt the land mafia / transport mafia and other mafias.

And with regards to Mr Ganapathy's example of 4 laning the existing Bangalore-Mysore road - if GoK had ideally expanded the railway line and added a high speed rail between Mysore and Bangalore many years back, it would have obviated the need to have a 4 lane highway, leave alone NICE.

Even today - there is potential to have an exclusive high speed rail between Mysore and Bangalore - which is not only environmentally friendly, but also way too safer than highways.

One yester years MP, now retired said that India's economic growth runs on a principle of commerce without conscience. How true! The policy and business mandarins have one motto whenever thinking of any undertaking - whats in it for me?

Vasanthkumar Mysoremath's picture

Civil works are mooolah rakers..roads, parks, bus stands,

Yes, 'what is in it for me'... is the moola mantra of service providers and all those who have adminjistrative and financial sanctioning authority -  construction / civil works / splitting the tenders to meet financial rules, codes, cooked up check measurements/ inspections, false certification of completion reports... mandarins of magic world. 

-   why not think of a vibrant civil society with street committees - it is my money, my street, my city and my country... do we have it in us?

- vasanth mysoremath


Even Mr P Manivannan favours completion of ORR

As per, "The Hindu", Mr P Manivannan has favoured completion of ORR instead of axeing trees on Narasimharaja Boulevard

Public Hearing on June 8th

When: June 8th, 2009 - Monday

What time: 11:00 AM

Where: Arch gate on Lalit Mahal Road

I encourage concerned citizens to turn out in high numbers and oppose this dangerous move. Vasanth and Tanveer - please inform everyone concerned to come in large numbers, especially MGP and ACICM

People power has to play a part!

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Whatever for? VM sir - a list of questions as well

Have they lost their minds?

I have driven several times on this road (on my way to Bandipur from Bangalore) and have stayed a couple of times at the Mysore Sports Club.  This is a marvellous stretch that has to be retained.

I have rarely seen any sort of traffic jam on this stretch.  I cannot go beyond 40-50 kmph and at times get stuck behind some slow moving truck, but the net difference is probably 2-3 mins.  Let's say this stretch - from the culvert near Karanji kere to the archway - is  3 km (I might be off by 500 m or so.  At an average speed of 40 kmph we will cover the distance in 4.5 mins.  By 4 laning and 10 laning this road, we might increase the average speed to 60 kmph or 3 mins.  What is 1.5 or even 3 mins in a day's drive?

VM sir,

Please ask the MCC the following questions.

a.  What is the current width of the road till the pavement to pavement (near the tree line)?

b. How much is tarred and usable without any obstruction?

c. How much will it cost to remove obstructions, put a railing and tar the stretch till the pavement near the tree line?

d. By doing so can we gain an extra 10 feet?

e. Can we make a single yellow line and manage 4 lanes each of 10 ft in the current road width?

f. If true, why then do we need to cut the trees?

g. Why can't they spend the money making pavements and bus stops along that road?  There is just mud along most of the stretch?

h.  Street lights - that whole stretch seems badly lit at night.

i. If the reason for doing this is for heavy vehicles going from Bangalore to Nanjangud and beyond they need to finish the ORR b/n Bannur Road and Nanjangud Road.



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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MCC told to reconsider move to fell trees - The Hindu, June 05

MCC told to reconsider move to fell trees The Hindu Friday, June 05, 2009



A stretch of the Lalitha Mahal Road in Mysore.

The controversy stemmed from the original move of the Forest Department to convene a meeting of the Tree Court and elicit public opinion on Monday, June 08, 2009 to discuss a proposal of the corporation to fell 123 trees that dot the Lalitha Mahal Road.


Syed Tanveeruddin / सैयद तन्वीरुद्दीन / ಸೈಯದ್ ತನ್ವೀರುದ್ದೀನ್ 

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Tree Court meet on Monday, June 8, 2009 @ Arch Gate Lalitha M Rd

Tree Court meet @ 11 AM on Monday, June 08, 2009 The Hindu, June 05, 2009

Tree Court meet on Mon, June 8, 2009 @ Arch Gate Lalitha Mahal Road @ 11 AM

Special Correspondent

Mysore: The Tree Court meeting to elicit opinion on proposed move to fell 123 trees on the Lalitha Mahal Road was scheduled to be held on June 5.

But now it will be held on Monday, June 08, 2009 at the arch gate on the Lalitha Mahal Road at 11 a.m. The decision to postpone the meeting was taken in view of the irony of discussing tree-felling on World Environment Day when the authorities should instead be implementing conservation measures.


Syed Tanveeruddin / सैयद तन्वीरुद्दीन / ಸೈಯದ್ ತನ್ವೀರುದ್ದೀನ್

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The trees look quite healthy

Mr. Ganapathy's article mentions the status of trees as:  "Most of them are warped and desiccated with crumbling branches ready to fall on their side, any side, any time on anybody".

Looking at the photo, the trees look quite healthy. So the whole article looks quite motivated to push his point of view rather than enlightening the readers on what is best for Mysuru.

Sanjay Chitnis

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Senior citizens, MGP & students held APPIKO on Boulevard

Dear All

Happy to inform that more than 50 students, members of Mysore Grahaka Parishath and myself assembed at the Arch Gate of Lalitha Mahal Palace Road at 11 AM today the World Environment Day 5th June 2009, and held a protest for saving the 123 (we felt that the Red card nailed to the trees, chalk numbers and large cross marks were there just to mislead the public and actual number may be more). 

We the elders addressed the children about preserving and protecting our greenery and carbon sinks of our dear Heritage Mysore and an interactive session followed with a few questions from the students.  We made them understand the importance of protesting and rising our voice and students expressed the desire to interact with the authorities concerned and as a first step they promised that each one of them would address a letter to the Commissioner, Mysore City Corporation.  MGP will be doing separately.

we all stood around the trees as a symbolic gesture of protection and to convey to the authorities through the media persons present. 

It was a great sight to see children actually performing an APPIKO movement around the trees that dot this beautiful Narasimharaja Boulevard.

-  Vasanthkumar Mysoremath 

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Maintain urban forestry or green cover - Mysore DC Manivannan

Wadiyar remembered - Mysore - Cities - The Times of India

Following the intervention of the minister, deputy commissioner P Manivannan has written a letter to corporation commissioner K S Raykar...


Syed Tanveeruddin / सैयद तन्वीरुद्दीन / ಸೈಯದ್ ತನ್ವೀರುದ್ದೀನ್

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200 trees likely to face the axe in Mysore - The Hindu June 06

200 trees likely to face the axe in Mysore The Hindu Saturday, Jun 06, 2009

Do not do away with pavements, say activists

Corporation’s proposal to be studied to ascertain if road-widening work needs to be taken up

Tree Court to take up both applications filed by corporation and public opinion sought on them


Syed Tanveeruddin / सैयद तन्वीरुद्दीन / ಸೈಯದ್ ತನ್ವೀರುದ್ದೀನ್

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Media Report on Appiko Movement by senior citizens, MGP, kids et

Dear All

In continuation of my earlier posts, the following link gives an account- media report - on the successful APPIKO Movement we held at the Arch Gate on World Env. Day on 5-6-09:

The boys and girls were enjoying their particpation in this kind of street movement but when we explained to them the seriousness of the meeting and how it is their world that is being threatened, they became quite serious and their interactive questions were quite interesting -

- why are they destroying OUR world?

- are they not responsible citizens and being government officials, is it not their duty to be protectors of nature and not destructors?

Question: Can JNNURM funds be used/misused to destroy verdant greenery of a heritage city in the name of widening the road?

Proposed solution:

- Please do not destroy greenery because MCC itself has declared that 1 km area around Lalitha Mahal is 'restricted zone'.  It will create an irrepairable loss to the greenery that has a pride of place in the hearts of nature loving Mysoreans; there will be opposition from all quarters.  

- Please plan for a tunnel road - double decker - between Race Course and the Arch on Lalitha Mahal Road

- plan for strengthened magic boxes as an alternative method - use such facilities where there is scope for saving verdant greenery in Mysore.  

- Please do not convert Mysoru into a Bengaluru.

-  Anything above ground will result in either cutting well grown trees or pruning large branches of verdant greenery.  Cost should not be a factor compared with the destruction of nature because the world is concerned about carbon sinks and these well grown trees are such a natural facility. 

- Over to MCC and Praja - answer them please.

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