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Buses along Metro route

     In a few years time, we will be having the metro trains running all over the city. the trains have a capacity of over 1000 people, and trips are made on both the lines at an average frequency of about 3-6 mins.
      If indeed there is a need for a system that carries such a high volume of traffic, I would opine that the present traffic along this route is about a tenth of the capacity being built. To restate the same, there should be atleast 100 people travelling along the route every 5 mins!!

      With this being the case, do you see the need for running high frequency bus service (aka Big10) along the proposed metro lines?

      I do concede that the travel times between metro and bus are not comparable. Additionally, parts of the route may overlap with existing bus routes and  so on.  But isnt the proposed metro routes  trunk routes? And with a good amount of road-space lost for constructing metro, isnt it better to provide more bus services along the metro route?

      Your thoughts are most appreciated.

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Few changes needed for buses in the downtown

Well, it is a good idea since CTTP recommends that has high traffic zone. Metro almost  runs parallel to the Bus route no 2 in Southern Corridor. Few areas where it is not feasible to run buses is the older downtown of Bangalore, Chickpet, Balepet through which Metro passes underground due to congested roads.

Myself and Tarle had a discussion earlier on Praja. Could not get the link.

Also, buses entering Majestic will delay the transit and more buses are needed (this is  the mistake done by new HOHO)

North - South  Corridor should start from JP Nagar - Jayanagar - RV Road - JC Road - KG Road - Mysore Bank - Basaveshwara Circle - Sheshadripuram (Kumarapark) - Natraj Theatre - Malleshwaram Road - Yeshwantpur.  Down routes should change a bit near Maharanis, KR Circle.

East - West Corridor starting at Nayandahalli via Vijaynagar, taking the 61 bus series route till the Anandrao Circle, take left on the Anand Rao Circle proceed towards KR Circle (Integration at Maharanis with North South Route) , take HOHO route till trinity circle

.Problem lies in integrating the interiors of Ulsoor and connecting to CMH Road because of one ways. Either buses can enter from command hospital on HAL Airport Road and take the internal route via CGHS hospital or proceed till Domlur on  HAL airport road and take left towards Indiranagar and right on the CMH Road and enter OMR.

Little experimentation needed  from Trinity to Old Madras Road via CMH.

From OMR, if the buses proceed till ITPL, it will be like extended version of Metro.

This will be like another HOHO. Buses should not enter KBS, it will unattract the passenger and does not differentiate between other buses.

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beyond the two metro lines..

      I agree with almost all of your points. Not entering KBS is important for better travel times. Appreciate your interest to even draw up the routes.

     I this post, I was attempting to say that the Big10 doesnt necessarily cover all the roads on which the Metro has been planned. Additionally, I was not just intending to say that these buses should travel along the two 'planned' metro lines (North-south and East-west line). We need a big-10 like service also along the other routes where is Metro lines are 'proposed' like the Yelahanka-EC and Nayandahalli-Whitefield lines.
     Based on the 'proposed/indicative' route maps of the metro lines on the BMLTA website (, I see the future Metro lines along the following sections

1. Yelahanka-MG Road via tanisandra main road :  A big-10 service needed on this section

2. MG Road -EC on Hosur road : presently served by Big10

3. Nayandahalli-KR Market via Hanumantanagar & Chamarajapet : KR market is well connected upto Hosakerehalli, Nayandahalli is connected to KR market via Mysore Road.

4. KR market-Whitefield via HAL airport road :   Presently, there are good bus connectivity from Nayandahalli-BSK and BSK-Marathahalli via ring raod service. HAL airport road has a Big10 service, but a similar service needed to connect KR market-Domlur section.

       So, the intention behind the post was that present trunk services (Big10 and ring road) do not necessarily ply on all the trunk routes. And the most obvious missing ones were where the Metro has been planned/proposed.

-Srivatsava V

-Srivatsava V

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Why no provisiton Was made in BETL for Metro

Why do our Town planners not plan for future.
Since Bangalore - electronic city Elevated Highway is being Built why not the planner planned for Metro Line in the middle. it would have saved lot of Tax payer’s Money as well time, by end of this year  Metro line would have been  ready.

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Metro along BETL... Not all over yet..

       I am not sure if the above question is relevent for this post!! But, I will try to provide my piece of mind.  

       I had gone to Sagar near Shimogga yesterday and happened to notice a few points about the similar 'expressway' being built along Tumkur Road.

       Based on that experience, I get a feeling that if needed, we can still run a metro all along Hosur, right under the BETL expressway. This not-so-good illustration may help you picture my thoughts.

Metro along BETL

     All along the expressway, there will be enough space available just under the eleveated expressway to run the Metro as shown above. The main hiderance for a such a metro line would be that the right turns from  (and into) Hosur roads may not be done at the ground level.  Given Bangalore's obsession with underpasses and magic boxes, this problem can be easily eliminated.

    The metro track itself will probably occupy a lane of the present road. But like the LRT systems of the west, we cannot have a metro share space with road, and hence this particular lane needs to be fenced completely to avoid mishaps.  Further, the metro may run 5-8ft off the road, either above or below.

     Planning the stations will not be a very diffult job either. While the tracks and the platforms (in between the tracks) are under the expressway on the center of the roads, the entry and exit to them can be on the sides of the road. These entrances/exits can be connected to the platform by means of a subway, ala a large/wide ped subway.

      Nevertheless, such a system may have some other minor issues to settle. For example, at the ends of the expressway, the metro may have to cross the roads or go underground.

      Before I end, let me mention that this post not intended to be a full engineering solution, but rather a start of a discussion that not all doors are shut for Metro along Hosur road.


-Srivatsava V

-Srivatsava V

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You beat me to it

The metro track itself will probably occupy a lane of the present road. But like the LRT systems of the west, we cannot have a metro share space with road, and hence this particular lane needs to be fenced completely to avoid mishaps.  Further, the metro may run 5-8ft off the road, either above or below.

I was going to respond with a similar thought. In fact you can run the Light rail without elevation etc but dedicating the space to it. The dedication can be as simple as you have mentioned raised platform or depressed platform or even a simple chain link fencing. The space under the flyover along the median can be used for platforms. If they had planned for it by now hey could have built the underpasses to the stations as well. All you need in the end is a switch for flexibility. See how the the light rail terminated on the street in the pic below.

Light Rail terminus

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Agree with you, IDS


      You are right. If they had planned for this initially, they could have implemented most of it with little additional cost and time.

       Even now, a light rail, or a metro itself, can be implemented under the planned elevated expressways, But I am not certain if there is clear need at this point in time. And then there are other questions to be asked?

1. Whats the right kind of rail needed? LRT/Metro

2. What will it connect to? People may not want to travel on the light rail only for the 8km distance under the expressway.

-Srivatsava V

-Srivatsava V

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BETL Agreement - Any Leads ?

I think we need to find out what is contained in the agreement (terms & conditions) for BETL to have invested on the elevated expressway.

I have a feeling that there might be a clause that specifically does not permit mass-transport on or below it since it might effect their business.

BMRC's planning for phase-2 indicates that the alignment will pass along Bannerghatta road & thence on NICE road to Electronic city.

This raises questions as to why Hosur rd is not being considered.

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Can ask Soma Developers

Soma developers is part of BETL. Their MD comes to BCIC Infra committee meetings, can ask him about presence or absence of public transport related clauses in BETL agreement.

Actually, we should start meeting the developers also (not just public civic bodies) to hear there side of things. But they may not tell us much (because they have to say the rights things or else it will damage their relationships). Would be good to meet Navayuga, Soma, NICE, Jusco.

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Metro not be feasible..LRT can be!

Metro rail and train are heavy and cause lot of vibrations and I am sure the BETL team would not agree to a metro line..

However LRT with rail embeded can be a good option...either on the bridge or below vibrations to worry about!

Again BETL will want to discourage all PT options! 

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Why only 8 kms?

 What will it connect to? People may not want to travel on the light rail only for the 8km distance under the expressway

Good question. Why only the 8 kms? Why not get it past madivala and along the IRR connecting Kmgla, EGL, indngr to BYP metro station?

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Isolated Service Will Not Work

Metro Ph-2 will probably connect EC with Yelahanka, via Vellara Jn (near Shoolay). As IDS has pointed out, if a rail system is positioned below BETL, it must be carried through & connected to other networks, else it may fail.

I dont think there will be a problem for space. They could do it at grade (one track on each side below the viaduct) or with an elevated viaduct on one side of Hosur rd (as is being planned for Hi-speed rail to BIAL - on one side of Bellary rd).

The route on Hosur rd is of course a big question mark since BETL will already be in place. Will the investments on a Metro route also be really worth it since a 14-lane road will already be serving the area/s ? comment guidelines

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