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Painting the speed breakers

we have encountered numerous speed breakers across the city roads, most of them not being painted which results in serious accidents and damage to the riders. painting the speed breakers and installing signs of warning at a distance safe to break will avoid many accidents and injuries. especially duirng night time unpainted speedbreakers are silent killers. this painting work may be taken up by individual/group and show the good samaritianship. or the govt. agency responsible may think of innovative way of garnering revenue by letting the space below the warning signal of speed breakers (if traffic rules permit) to advertisers.

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take pics and send to Traffic police

Write to DCP East/West or leave the detailed comment at:


I am pretty sure they will fix any specific speedbreakers you point out. Why they don't do it regularly and on their own is another story, will have to meet and ask them about the maintenance process and schedule.

Which are are you talking about specifically? I see them painting a lot of roads these days (as part of BTRAC I guess).

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Is it possible that police

Is it possible that police paints the fairly good thermoplastic paint but nothing would last due to millions of impacts when tyres hit the hump.....more so becouse most of the humps are like mountains...dont forget that same paint lasts on roads much longer? secondly when they paint the road why would they like to leave the hump unpainted? As i understand they would like to paint everywhere but how long it lasts also depends upon quality of road/ hump. comment guidelines

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