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World Kannadiga Awareness Conference

Dear Kannadigas, On the 18th of January 2009, Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (KRV) is organizing a World Kannadiga Awareness Conference at the Palace Grounds in Bengaluru. This conference will serve as platform for KRV to bring together Kannadigas from across the globe and organize very valuable discussions about sustained development of Kannada, Kannadiga and Karnataka, involving both a retrospective and futuristic outlook at the framework of this development.
This conference assumes increased responsibility with the back-drop of the globalization happening around us which has caused increase in employment opportunities, financial developments, uncontrolled migration, emergence of a mall-culture, the nearing corporation election, societal imbalances due to political vicissitudes, to state a few. There is a need for conveying the value of unity among Kannadigas across the globe, the intensity of the problems faced by Kannadigas in their land, and the various ways to effectively tackle these issues to reach the ultimate goal of Kannadiga welfare. The KRV is prepared and committed to help the political parties in Karnataka realize the importance of exercising Kannada centric politics. While it is committed to encouraging non-Kannadigas in Karnataka to join the mainstream of the society, it is also prepared to discourage some of these non-Kannadigas and their associations from resorting to unethical acts in our society. This conference is also going to portray how KRV is prepared to protect the interests of the land, the language and cuture, the waters, as well as its people – be it the farmers, or industrialists, employees, businessmen, students or women of this land.
We (KRV) have realized the value and importance of unity among World Kannadigas in doing whatever is good for the welfare and development of Kannada, Kannadiga, and Karnataka. Kannadigas across the world must join hands and work together towards Kannadiga development, and this historical conference of World Kannadigas is going to stand evidence to this fact by having Kannadigas from across states and countries attending it.
The itinerary for the World Kannadiga Awareness conference is as follows:
Inauguration: January 18th, 11:00 am
Symposium: January 18th, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
We shall be conducting a seminar/symposium dealing with “Karnataka: Industry and Employment” as part of this year’s conference. The ministers for Industry and Labour in the Karnataka Government, and also the President of the Kannada Development Authority (KDA) shall be presenting the views of our government about the situation of the industry, and Kannadiga employment. We will be concluding with a talk by KRV President, Mr. T A Narayana Gowda on industry in Karnataka, its significance and challenges, the employment opportunities it can create, an industry policy that needs to be there, and followed. The talk will also pass essential comments, about preparing Karnataka to attract more industrial investment, about enabling and enlightening the Kannadiga youth to reap its employment benefits as well.
Folk Festival: January 18th, 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Karnataka’s folk art and culture have a unique place of their own in our heritage owing to their unique and rare history. This cultural festival is meant to showcase, promote and bring to the fore-front these forms of folk art and culture of Kannada naadu. This event will present very rare and attractive folk programs from all parts of Karnataka state.
As part of this festive evening will also be the inauguration of audio media containing KRV’s compilations of Kannada patriotic songs.
Valedictory Function: January 18th, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
All conferences held by Karnataka Rakshana Vedike have had the tradition of honouring those individuals that have worked hard towards the development of Kannada and Karnataka. As part of this valedictory program, it has been arranged to honour Kannadigas who have made substantial contributions in different walks of life, and have brought honour to the state, the land and its language. This program will focus on making recognitions to people who have brought honour to Karnataka in diverse fields including folk-art, politics, agricultural movements, social service, literature and arts of various other forms.
In conclusion, this conference shall come up with a set of decisions that have been taken through its duration. These decisions will address the current situation, dreams and aspirations of Kannadigas, ways to help fulfill those dreams, facing all odds that could act as deterrents on this path of excellence. KRV shall guide itself by these decisions and put in its best efforts in building a strong and powerful Karnataka. All important political leaders, including our Chief Minister Dr. B S Yeddyurappa, Kannadiga businessmen and thinkers from across the globe shall be present in this occasion and shall witness these decisions being made in the valedictory of this conference.
Unity among Kannadigas is clearly the emerging solution to the problems Karnataka is facing today. It is the duty of every Kannadiga to use this power of unity in not just protecting the interests of Kannada and Karnataka, but also striving hard towards taking Karnataka into brighter and stronger tomorrows in the coming years. So, this is a call to every Kannadiga to come attend this conference and make it a successful event in sending out a very important message to Kannadigas across the globe.
For the program itinerary of World Kannadiga Awareness Conference 2008, please click here:
Karnataka Rakshana Vedike:
World Kannadiga Awareness Conference:
Karnataka Rakshana Vedike, No. 29, Praveen Builing, 5th Main road, Gandhinagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560009, INDIA
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I heartily congratulate KRV for conducting such a fabulous, beautiful, and most importantly "efficiency-exemplified" piece of work. This conference truly portrayed the world-wide presence of Kannadigas, apart from portraying some of the really rich pieces of cultural heritage that Karnataka is proud of. And most importantly (and of interest to several people here) it shed light upon some of the most grave injustices that Karnataka (& its govt's.) has been subject to from the Center, right through independence. Thereby acting as a reliable platform for projecting the reasons for lack of development of most part of Karnataka, on par with the growth that India boasts of. The rural-urban divide could easily be reasoned on these terms. These are things that Praja could indeed derive meaning from in future projects. Please visit their blog page for extensive details of KRV's comments. -Nijavaada
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