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Traffic Lights and Signals - Adequate Pedestrian Phase Timings and facilities

Dear all,

Here is a draft in process of finalisation.

The aim is to get Pune Municipal Corporation to formally agree to apply a uniform protocol to ensure appropriate pedestrian safety measures are in place with regards to traffic lights / signals at junctions.

There are several flaws currently prevailing in Pune, most significant of all being that pedestrian green phase timings are dangerously low - 6 to 8 seconds for crossing up to 6 lanes on many roads.

I suspect this is an issue in many other Indian towns / cities and I hope this document is of help and use to everyone finding themselves in similar circumstances.

More details in this draft:


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Traffic Signal phase and cycle length calculator

I have created an excel based calculator for determining timing of phases for vehicles and pedestrians based on Indian Road Congress norms.

It takes in to account vehicles per lane per hour and road width.

Those interested may download it from here -

Disclaimer - I can't vouch for its accuracy and hence can't accept liability in anyway.


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Final draft submitted to PMC

This link takes the reader to the final draft submitted to PMC. Commissioner Pardeshi has assigned the PMCs NMT cell to peruse it.

Click here to the document

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