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Need study for metro projects

We have seen many projects which are very ill conceived and never catering to the actual needs. These more to satisfy interests of few people!

One such projects is the BETL..after few months of announcement of the project, we could see few people sitting at the entrance of EC counting the number of vehicles that turn into EC..wasn't this supposed to have been done first, before deciding on the project?

So it was the need of few,  including Narayana Murthy,  which was considered rather than the actual situation? The traffic study was mandatory by rules..hence fill numbers later ?!

It can easily be seen that more than 80% of folks who use cars to get to EC  are everyday commuters who would well do with a train/metro..and for the 20% rest( client et al)..the existing road  upgraded to 10 lane was more than enough!

Its like many humps in bangalore.. when the affluent feel that the traffic is too fast in front of their houses/shops..when its time for asphalting, pay the people laying the road and lay a hump or mosttimes 2!

High time we look at numbers and need before implementing anything!

Coming to the metro..are there any independent studies done at all for measuring the traffic numbers? Or is it like 'I live near Kattariguppa and I am all powerful, so let me use this clout to lay a monorail from there!'

Also, for the implementation part, its high time that such studies for part of prioritization of stages for building all infrastructure..we are doing Byappanahalli - MG road first..was there any thought of the users who would need this?

I bet there wasn't and it was more other factors like the availability of land which went to decide this!

The immediate need now is probably connectivity between majestic and city market, this is considering simply the number of buses that travel between majestic and market!

Shouldn't the need be deciding what we do first ? comment guidelines

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