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When Vehicles are Prioritised over Humans (Pedestrians)

I invite everyone to check this slide show Though I have made an example of Pune, are any of our other small cities different? What we need is a back to the basics approach ''first footpaths, then roads'' only then will we get our urban planning right. Other than lack disregard for the pedestiran (33% of Pune commutes by walking - highest across al modes of transport), the slide show ends with pictures pointing to two other problems - a broken down PMT (public transport in Pune) and the tragic consequence of raising FSI when even garbage collection facilities are not in place. Thanks
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will get worse..

good slide set there..unfortunately this will get worse with those two whee's getting replaced by the 1L mini's! Its high time authorities wake up and re plan things..localities where a minimum 50 feet road should be made necessary..only then we can plan to park the cars/vehicles and have space on the footpaths.. And where are the multilevel car parks? Its high time those become part of the development.. One more thing to add to the slideset is the footpaths in posh locales..they are actually turned into gardens by the landlords..that needs to be stopped!
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ped & priorities

hello doc... wonderful video. you are doing a great job addressing these issues. my friend arun had forwarded this presentation to me. perhaps you can incorporate some ideas in it too. incidently, according to arun, this is based on a presentation made by some people in pune!!! so you prolly have some sympathetic ears in pune. if you are interested i can get you in touch with arun. perhaps he may be able to hook you with some puneri authorities who made this presentation. based on these ideas we at praja came up with a few ideas for mysore. some references on this... Mysore heritage train aka mysore kaaldaari Gandhi Square Reclaimng a Public Square KR Boulevard, Give us back our boulevard Why not walk the ‘Walk’? Heritage walk:Would it work in Mysore ? 12 Steps to a Magnificient Mysore anyway the long and short of it is that we compiled all this in one document and sent it to the commissioner of mysore and he in turn, thanks to the efforts of shas3, ERR apart from arun and GVK, put it as a part of a jnnurm proposal. from what i know it pending govt approval.
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Yes, Pune has an active group

Pune has PTTF a very active group which has for some time now demanding these changes. Unfortunately the Pune authorities have not been very proactive. I must actually rephrase this. The civic officials may like to implement such changes but its the elected corporators who are shut to such ideas. ASJ comment guidelines

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