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We need metro fast..

Some statistics about pollutants: Suspended Particulate matter(SPM) WHO world standard : 25/microgram/m3 SPM(Indian Standards): 200 microgram/m3 Yesterday in Bangalore: 236 microgram/m3 We are breathing about 10 times more pollutants than prescribed as safe! This is all the more reason to get the metro and other solutions in place and fast!
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Beijing Subway - To Fire, at last

"Beijing's subway system is expected to become the world's largest by 2015, with investments set to touch $10.8 billion by 2010, state media reported. The investments would take the length of the rail lines to 561 km by 2015 with a capacity to carry 9million passengers daily. Xinhua news agency quoting Beijing Morning Post, said". -- ET, 11th/Dec'07
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..sure there are dates

Project dates are set with lot of buffers..but why cant BMRCL re-do those dates..and hasten the work on the metro..the piers are coming up on MG road but the level of activity is abysmally low.. On the other hand, if we check the pace of work on the elevated highway on hosur road..its really fast! Whats ailing the metro? on the outset..nothing..cos they are doing almost nothing! How about setting records in implementation? As said earlier..chances are that the DMRCL will put up the train to BIAL before BMRCL can hire engineers! comment guidelines

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