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Mistakes in BBMP website

I am a journalism student and would like to know your reactions to the spelling mistakes, or other problems that u find with Can anyone pls help me out? How can the website made better? My email id is Pls get back to me...
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..the site has a pre-2002 look and feel

check this.. It can be made more interactive.. links to pdf files is no good.. Web 2.0 implementation can be done.. How about filing a RTI online?..btw why RTI..they can as well become transparent in their working using the website! How about letting all know what roads have been asphalted every month? and how many roads are due? or better still..status on atleast the major roads as to when they were last worked be based on actual facts of BMP payments for the same!!? They dont have the guts to be as open! Talk about to what money came in and how much was utilized!
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things needed on the website


Its not as much the site design or look and feel, BBMP site needs other things to make it worthwhile and informative:

- To attract more people to the site, there has to be some interactivity. Two things that immediately come to mind are
    - online RTI query filing, like how Hyderabad has
    - An online grievances redressal feature, which was promised but has still not showed up on BBMP website. Mysore site has it.

- Better access and exposure to content 'hidden inside'. A "search" feature would help.

- Regularly updated content. To be honest, the site does see frequent updates (Press Releases, Tenders). But I am not sure if all tenders and Press Releases make it there. And thats not what most citizens want to see. Regular updates on at least major projects, updated list of all works in progress at all wards would help. Basically, BBMP just shows tenders on website. Instead they need to put up the fulll 'project' lifecycle up there (tender, the bids, who won it, work detail, auditing details)

The site is clearly grown a lot, and many people don't realize that. But some areas can do with better usability. For example, I can look up anyone's property tax details ( But finding an exact property would be a lot easier with a "search" like feature. Another example: at many places, clicking on a link opens a new browser window. That is so annoying and old-world.

All in all, its a good website and looks like it would get better once grievance and RTI systems come online.


(How about RSS feeds for all content that sees updates? That would make life easy for those who want to track the site. But that may be a bit much to ask for.)

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how-to/faq #1. i request BMP to post how-to and FAQ documents in html that describe in detail the exact procedures for the most common issues we have. right now some of them are in the publications page and are in the pdf format, which are difficult to search. if i need to find out whom to complain about parthenium in my area, i have to go through a whole bunch of pdf documents before i find the answer. cross referenced, html format document will make search easier and make the information more accessible. also, many of these documents in the publications page are incomplete and have a lot of blank spaces. #2. also a case tracking system. we need to be able to follow the status of a case we are interested in #2. the information on bmp projects must be comprehensive and include all details that are public record. as suggested above by blrsri and SB. #3. need a online case tracking system that will allow you to check the status of your case at BMP with the case number. aside: a lot of the improvements are mandated by JNNURM. we need to pour through that document to see what is to be expected. BMP has called for tenders for some internal software recently. but these all have to be more than naam-ke-vaaste. for example, despite what is written on the website about the use of GIS in bangalore, according to one recent report in the hindu there is only one department that is using it, and because usage is limited they cannot grow the GIS database and cover more areas as it is expensive. (i am not able to find that report now, if any of you know wht article i am talking about, please post link)
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the needs to add a glossary of terms. aside: on firefox browser if you click on the sakrama page from this page none of the details are visible. but the information is accessible from this page: this is not a problem with IE.
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pain project status!

There are multiple projects going on around bangalore. But there is no place to find at what stage they are. The down ramp leading to Chamrajpet on the mysore road flyover nowadays leads to a min 20 min jam everyday due to a road/drain work on a small stretch. People are avoiding this strtetch..and taking painful work arounds! but the web can be used to provide informative updates.. http://www.cambridgema.go... This is a simple way of doing it.
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Seriously in India the much

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