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Prez Rule - What's In It For Us?

So we are in for president's rule for the next 5-6 months. so what happens to things like AT ramaswamy led joint commission that is probing land encroachment? what about airport expressway and metro? and what about ULB elections? already we are being panned by the NURM on this. and what about things like mono, bidadi, PRR, nandagudi... and the million $$ question what happens to BMIC? :)
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is congress written all around..??

madam at the helm having a corner? Then I fore see.. BMIC opening up the connecting roads within the next 5-6 months!! Airport express way - back burner Bidadi - go slow Metro - its already going slow
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sort of dire blrsri. :) i am trying to find out if the ULB elections can still be conducted under PR? thats blocking up a lot of BLR money/projects. Also will adv holla suddenly change his tone at the courts vis-a-vis BMIC at the courts? i read an article which quoted a few blr biggies about how the babus had done a lot of groundwork in anticipation of all this. kudos to them. but i am interested in the enroachment case - in as much as it is jointly headed by Roshan Baig of congress, i hope it is not scuttled.
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Chief sec. Mr Mahishi

read in deccan herald that no major decissions/changes will be taken during the president rule term.. Deccan Herald and I am sure it will be made sure by Mr. Mahishi's presence!
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thanks sri

thanks for that link. bangalore right no elected representatives at any level!!!
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sharukh khan works for KA Govt?

Four updates on this President's rule thingie, including one about sharukh khan!!! ===================================== According to this Hindu story when somebody called Raj Bhavan asking for secretary to the Governor, Sharada Subramaniam, an operator curtly reports that the secretary is not available for the media. Asked for his name, the telephone operator (on duty at 8 p.m. at the Raj Bhavan) identified himself as Shah Rukh Khan. ROFL!!! ===================================== Some more info how things are going to be .... With the proclamation of President’s Rule on Tuesday, notified in the Karnataka Gazette on Wednesday, Governor Rameshwar Thakur lost no time in getting down to the task of administration of the State. The advisers to the Governor are yet to be appointed. Of the three or four advisers to be appointed, at least two would be retired bureaucrats of the Karnataka cadre of the IAS while two others would be from outside the State. The names of two former Chief Secretaries to the State Government — J. Alexander and B.S. Patil — came up as possible candidates, but their appointment appears unlikely as both of them were in active politics following their retirement from the civil services. While Mr. Alexander was Minister in the S.M. Krishna Cabinet, Mr. Patil enjoyed the status of a Cabinet Minister on his appointment as Special Representative of Karnataka in New Delhi. Mr Patil unsuccessfully contested the last general election. Both are in the Congress and this has obviously led to their names being considered for the top appointment. Political parties opposed to the Congress have already raised objections stating that it would be highly unethical to appoint politicians as advisers. Role of advisers Advisers to the Governor during President’s Rule function on the directions of the Governor. They are expected to assist the Governor on taking decisions based on their administrative expertise. The Governor will assign to them charge of different departments of the Government. They can transfer officials to ensure effective delivery of services and administration. The last time the State came under a long spell (nearly seven months) of President’s rule was when the S.R. Bommai Government was dismissed in 1989 and the then Governor, G. Venkatasubbaiah, took charge of the administration of the State (April 21, 1989 to November 30, 1989). Subsequently, the State came under President’s Rule for a brief spell of seven days when the late Veerendra Patil resigned as Chief Minister in October 1990. A senior official told The Hindu that imposition of President’s Rule was unlikely to have any effect on the pace of development projects under implementation in the State. In other words, ongoing projects with budgetary support would continue although their progress will be closely supervised. Sources in the Raj Bhavan told The Hindu that the Governor had a detailed discussion with Chief Secretary to the State Government P.B. Mahishi. It was stated that the Governor gave directions on various matters of importance. Mr. Mahishi will now routinely report to the advisers and the Governor. On whether the common man could meet the Governor and the advisers as they could the Chief Minister during the Janata Darshan session, Raj Bhavan sources said they could always meet though with prior appointment. Soon after the allocation of departments, the advisers would also hold review meetings in the Vidhana Soudha. Office The Governor will have an office at the Vidhana Soudha apart from the one at Raj Bhavan. According to a press release, the Governor will work from his Vidhana Soudha office between 10.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. on all working days. He will meet the general public on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 12.30 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. source: the hindu ===================================== other stories: Deccan Herald Says:There were speculation there was intense political lobbying in the Congress camp at the Centre for appointments. ===================================== According to another DH story while the norm is to appoint 3-4 advisors, this time the Governor "may even go for a team of five advisors considering the growth Karnataka has seen in recent years. One of them would be from the IPS". The informal political affiliations of the officers too would be considered at the time of appointment. If in-service State-cadre officers are appointed, the Governor is sure to keep away those considered close to the regime of former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy. Read the above DH story, interesting stuff, it says, KA IAS officers in Delhi are not interested in these posts because: one, officers working in important ministries in Delhi would not like to go back as they will miss the exposure that their current job offers in the Capital and second, the uncertainty factor in the State.
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ToI says ... A slew of projects such as the much-hyped IT corridor project, Bidadi Knowledge City, sites allotted by BDA and land denotifications carried out by the JD(S)-BJP coalition will now come under the scanner. Governor Rameshwar Thakur, who is overseeing the state's administration, will re-evaluate the projects and has asked department heads to submit details. "Meetings will be held shortly to discuss these projects. Some of government orders passed a few days before the Kumaraswamy resigned will also come under the scanner,'' officials said. The ambitious Hi-Tech City project, which was put on the back-burner, may get a fresh lease of life as it involves an expressway connecting the IT stretch. Estimated at Rs 390 crore, the corridor was proposed from the Outer Ring Road, Iblur, to Electronic City Phase-II. With a connectivity of 8.5-km, the mini-express highway would cost Rs 35 crore. The project was envisaged to accommodate IT and BT firms as well as residential colonies. The BDA had zeroed in on 1,097 acres for issuance preliminary notification land acquisition, but has been in limbo ever since it came to light that land had to be acquired under industrial category for the project. This apart, the last cabinet meeting of the government approved the work contract of the Rs-23,000 crore Bidadi Township to a Delhi-based construction major. This decision will also come under scrutiny. Thanks to former chief minister H D Kumaraswamy's largesse, G category sites of BDA have been allotted to all and sundry and the last set of orders had 45 allotments. In its last days, the government carried out large-scale denotifications of lands that were notified for acquisition by the BDA for various layouts and road construction projects. These denotification files will now be re-examined.
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BMIC to be back soon.. So one of my predictions is coming true!
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i read that news too. check here.. but it is advisors on the issue remain the same and Kheny if i remember correctly, has burnt some bridges with them.
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new layouts in trouble?

Deccan Herald The absence of an elected government in the State has hindered the plans of the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) to acquire land for its five proposed layouts - K Shivarama Karanth Layout, Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Layout, D Devaraj Urs Layout, Kyasambahalli Changalaraya Reddy Layout and S Nijalingappa Layout, A total of 1,76,000 sites on 15,277 acres of land spread over 56 villages for the purpose. The proposal for the new layouts was sent to the State government for approval on September 9, 2007. However the JD(S)-BJP coalition government collapsed after Mr H D Kumaraswamy resigned as Chief Minister on October 8, before giving approval for the new layouts. The BDA cannot go ahead with the land acquisition process without the government assent. However, the government’s approval for new layouts is a must to go ahead with the land acquisition as this time BDA has changed its policy on providing compensation to those who lose land. Earlier there were only monetary benefits for them, but this time they can have 9,583 sq ft of developed land for every acre lost as compensation. He said had the BDA not changed its policy on compensation, it need not have waited for the approval. But now it is mandatory. “We can’t expect the State government to give its assent within a particular period. BDA would have started land acquisition process by this time if the government had cleared the proposal,” he added. The governor cannot take any major policy decisions during the president’s rule. “But giving assent for new layouts doesn’t amount to taking a policy decision,” said BDA Secretary G C Rajashekhar. “During President’s rule, policy decisions are not taken. But giving approval for new layouts is not a policy decision. The authority is hopeful that the governor will approve new layouts once he is provided with the assistance of advisors,” he said.
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Guv. playing politics?!

'remote' control written all around..?? ..'the files have been sent for perusal of the New Delhi 'Amma''.. :P and all the while Bangalore will go to dogs with rallies etc..disgusting! everyone is wants the share of the pie but no one wants to contribute to the making of the pie!
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Prez rule and fresh elections?

is what seems to be on the cards. One part of me says this. State and the city has suffered in the name of this coalition politics, so why not fresh elections?. Then the saner voice says - whats the guarantee that fresh elections will change the equation and not bring us more of the same. Wish Bangalore could be made a Union Territory. Or if they could move the state capital out of Bangalore to a smaller or brand new city elsewhere in state. Single city serving as economic as well as political hub isn't a good thing.
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Prez. is back..

"Congress wants elections in april and so will it be!" can be the first statements coming out of the prez office.. but that apart..NICE back on cards and so will be other plans! Speculation guys?
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Advocate General

anybody know whats happening with this advocate general thingie. how many times has the state flipped on this so far? Now Holla is out... Says the Hindu... Advocate-General Uday Holla, who had been appointed to the post by B.S. Yeddyurappa, has resigned. Mr. Holla submitted his resignation to Governor Rameshwar Thakur on Wednesday. Mr. Holla had taken over from B.V. Acharya as soon as Mr. Yeddyurappa became Chief Minister.
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Wish Bangalore could be made a Union Territory.

If only wishes could come true... Goa, Daman, Pondicherry, Delhi... all the Union Territories did much better than other States ruled by localites, and less taxes too! What makes governance under Union Territories so different? - City Zen
City Zen
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BV Acharya takes over

Senior counsel B.V. Acharya on Friday took over as the Advocate-General of the State. He takes over from Uday Holla, who resigned after B.S. Yeddyurappa quit as Chief Minister. The Hindu
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city.zen, consolidate your thoughts and post a new thread. this is very important, and we prolly need to understand this business of UT in much greater detail. lets work on it. worth it, i think.
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President Rule Seems to Be Better than any Government

We all had the doubts about the development of state under President's rule, but, as far as Bangalore is concerned, all the infrastructure projects are progressing well compared to when Government was there with unanimous decisions of Governor. Examples are settling of the airport connectivity project, ready made underpasses etc.. GUV should also have a look at the other parts of the state also and take up the pending projects which are lying pending from years together with one party pulling the legs of the other. comment guidelines

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