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Rash driving in Mumbai - Person is behind the bar for a day - Shouldn't we also use this mantra?

In Mumbai, they recently introduced a law to put the person behind bars for rash driving. Shouldn't Bangalore be following the same thing. We have to followup with our commissioner and get it incorporated. Basically, Indians, to be general Asians are not good drivers compared to Americans and Europeans (Please don't take it negatively - This is a fact). We do not have discipline in driving. That's why most of Asian countries suffer a lot from traffic problems. Putting a good public transport system and enforcing people to use it is the only mantra to overcome this traffic problem. People in Bangalore drive here as if they are racing and not travelling and everyone wants to go infront of the vehicle passing in front of them by honking and pressuring the front vehicle driver. This will lead to frustation, which in turn leads to tiredness and loss of health, accidents and ... so on. Sometimes all of a sudden we see a 2 wheeler appearing from somewhere right infront of our car, sometimes autos suddenly taking a 'U' turn without any indication, during night times, cars passing at dangerously high speeds on free roads. We see lot of 'heroes' riding the Pulsars, Apaches and RXs as if they are practicing to challenge Rossis, Stoners and Pedrosas on our Bangalore roads. Especially in Bangalore because of increased average income, people go for these powerful vehicles and create lot of Chaos on the road. Traffic police donot take any action on these heroes even if they are doing their action right infront of them. Earlier, there was a limit on the CCs of the vehicles being released in India. This was a good way to limit the speed and thereby accidents. Now, there is no law and each and every company in competition to others are releasing more and more powerful vehicles resulting in more danger on our roads. Shouldn't we also be going the Mumbai way of putting the person behind bar for rash driving? This should be done very strictly. Problem in India, even in Mumbai is our traffic police will take their 'MAAMOOL' and leave away the offender. This will damage the entire design of the system. One way I feel to overcome this is to give incentives to policemen if he catches an offender and put him in Bar. This incentive should be good enough that even if the policeman asks bribe, it should be more than the incentive which in turn should be a huge amount, making people think before they break the traffic law!!!! What all of you say?
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Important point

So promoted it to front page. Even if the cop takes a MAMOOL or whatever, it is discouragement enough for most offenders to think twice before making the same mistake. I think that is the way it works in Mumbai - if a cop catches you, you lose valuable time (always in short supply in that city), and some money (either a fine, or 'bribe').
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Cars drivers by Drivers and Not owners

This is a very good move in mumbai to control traffic, even if detecting rash driving and implementing the same is difficult. But a keen watch has to kept on the taxi drivers. They are main cause of rash drivering. These days i have also seen many white boards cars driven by Drivers hired by owners. These drivers and taxi's are the biggest culprit. Cheers!!!!
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i mean not govt certificates but actual traffic education. everytime smebody is caught, pay 100 bucks to the ticketing cop AND attend 2 hours driving class. get get license back only after signature from instructor of the driving course. at the end of each shift the cop deposits licences he collected at the driving school assigned to the area. rope one driving school in each area. now teachers love their voice. :). either they will make them sit through their class, or sound them off for an hour informally, any case you are stuck for an hour.
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Rash Driving

a. We would need to build quite a bit of jail capacity if we did this :). maybe go in for house arrest :) b. Let alone reward cops - did you read about what happened on Siddaiah Road. A cop who took a lorry driver to task for going the wrong way on a one-way might have action taken against him. Now how is that for morale? c. Why do people breeak rules and drive rashly. Because they get away with it. All the blackberrys in the world will not help if peple get away lightly. d. What can we as a group do? Shall we file a PIL against the traffic police, RTO and the BBMP for letting the traffic situation get to this point? the PIL would ask for a no tolerance zone to be created to start with in central bangalore. Severe penalties for anyone breaking any rule. better pedestrian facilities. cancel licenses for repeat offenders and report them to the insurance companies. Srivathsa

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