How to use the site

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Praja has a wide array of features to let the users make the best out of the data and discussions on this site. In this section, you will learn about these features and how best to use them.

Getting started on

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R/ Sir ,

  I have requested for introduction of permanent new volvo bus route from Kumaraswamy Layout 1st stage to ITPL, as the existing bus route is temporary which runs from ISRO Layout to ITPL, this route is 500w, this route runs as 500w only till Banashankari and changes its display to 500c while going to ITPL, while going to ITPL we may get the bus, but this bus route is very infrequent, there are no frequent buses in this route. And another thing this bus route while running from ITPL to ISRO Layout, It runs as 500c from ITPL till a specified place and then changes its display to 500w. So, its very difficult for commuters traveling from ITPL to get this bus, actually its impossible. Hence I also have observed that there are plenty of 500NA, 500NB which runs from Silkboard to ITPL, so mty request is then why not introduce one frequent permanent bus route to ITPL from Kumaraswamy Layout 1st stage along with the existing temporary bus route 500w. But my request is not yet been considered by the BMTC authorities.

  So my request is to kindly grant a permanent route, volvo bus from Kumaraswamy Layout 1st stage to ITPL . It will be really helpfull for commuters travelling to ITPL on weekdays as well as weekends, as on weekends the frequency of volvo buses is less.

  Thanking You,


Customize your experience

We have several tools to help you customize your experience.

  • Account settings - Click on "My Accounts" under "My Praja" menu to edit your account settings. In here, you can change your profile description that is shown to others, your email address on our file, your location details if you are game sharing that, your group memberships, and some more.
  • Private Messages - click on "My Messages" under "My Praja" menu to send "Private essages" to other Praja members. A private message can only be seen by the registered Praja member who you address. Recepient member will only get to see your id, and the message, and nothing else. So use this method to contact other members if you don't want to reveal your email id to them.
  • Post Drafts - If you ended up saving your unfinished post as a draft, find it by going to "My Drafts". If you want to enable "autosave feature" to have your blog posts automatically saved as you are typing it, find and turn on the setting available under "My Accounts".
  • Posts rated by you - If youwould like to quickly check on the posts you have rated on Praja, go to "My Praja" menu, and click on "My rated posts".
  • Praja Points - Most activities on this website site earn your Praja points. Those points help you earn more rights on You can grow on to get blogging rights, moderation rights, and get preference for attending Praja style meetings whenever there is more demand than attendance possible. Track your Praja points here.

Additionaly, beyond what is available in "My Praja" menu, here are some more ways for  you to customize your experience.

  • RSS Feeds - If you'd like to track website activity from your favorite RSS reader, find some information on feeds here.
  • Subscriptions - Keep in touch with activity on the website via your email. Read this 'how to' for more details.

RSS Feeds and Subscriptions

You can subscribe to content from praja in two ways
  1. By receiving e-mail alerts and digests
  2. Through RSS feeds
  3. Podcasts (Please see this page for details on subscribing to Praja Podcasts)

Email alerts and digests

To receive content through e-mails once you register, click on 'My account' and click 'Subscriptions'. Then click on the type of content you want to subscribe to (for example, to subscribe to a blog by a particular user, click on Blogs and to get all content from a particular city, click on Groups).

Select the frequency of updates and also whether you want to be notified on new content and/or new comments. Click Save.

You would start receiving e-mail notifications whenever there is new content of your choice.

You can also activate e-mail subscriptions by clicking on Subscribe link at the end of any article. This would open a small menu with various relevant options.

RSS feeds

Feeds are becoming the preferred way of subscribing to content on the internet. Praja provides feeds for various pages that you can subscribe to using your favourite feed reader (like Google reader).

Click on the 'Google' buttons below to directly add the feeds to your Google Reader. You can also click on the small orange button to get the address of the feed to include in other readers. If you are not sure how to subscribe to feeds or facing difficulties, please see this page for help.

  • All front page posts: : All Frontpage articles All posts (blogs, forums, events, etc) that appear on the home page. 
  • All comments: All blogs Comments on any post on any city at
  • All blogs : All blogsBlogs posts from all members of Praja
  • Individual user's blog: Click on the feed icon () at the bottom of each user's blog to subscribe to posts from that user.
  • Individual topics: Click on the topic (tag) of your interest and click on the feed icon () at the bottom of the page to subscribe.

You can also subscribe to various other pages in a similar way by clicking on the feed icon at the bottom of the respective page.


How to record podcasts

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This is a brief step-by-step tutorial on how to record your voice and compress it into an MP3 file. This assumes no prior experience in using audio software. However, some basic familiarity with using a computer is assumed.

What you will need:

  1. A computer running Microsoft Windows (or Linux or Mac OSX).
  2. A built in or an external microphone. If you have used your computer before for voice-chat, you already should have this working.
  3. Enough hard disk space (about 1 GB should be usually good) to store audio files before compression.
  4. A bit of patience to get it all working!

Once you ensure you have the above, follow these steps to record your voice.

  1. Download and install Audacity from It is a free and open source software available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  2. Open audacity
  3. Go to Edit -> Preferences menu and in the Audio I/O section make sure that your recording device is set to the appropriate device you wish to set.
  4. Select menu Tracks -> Add new -> Audio track
  5. Click on the big record button at the top and start recording your voice.
  6. Click stop button at the top to stop recording and rewind a playback to make sure your audio is recorded correctly.
    1. It might be a good idea to try to record for a few seconds and make sure everything works fine before you proceed to recording the complete podcast.
    2. If this does not work, experiment by choosing different input devices till you find the one that works.
  7. Once you are happy with the recording, save the project at a convenient place.
  8. Select the menu File -> Export. Select the output file format as MP3. Give the file a suitable name and click OK.
  9. You should now have an MP3 file that contains your podcast. Double click the file to make sure that it has been recorded properly.
  10. Contact the admins of praja through the contact form and let them know that you have the podcast ready. Admins will get in touch with you to arrange the transfer of file. Do not attach the files through email since they tend to be very large.

It is OK if you make mistakes. Just re-read that part correctly and we will edit the audio to remove those parts. If you are proficient at further editing of audio, feel free to experiment.

If you have further doubts, please post it as a comment below and the answers can benefit everyone in future.

How to subscribe to Praja Podcasts

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Subscribing to Praja podcasts will enable you to keep upto date with Praja news and discussions through your mobile phone or music player.

Subscribing to podcasts on Praja is easy. Just follow these steps.

  1. If you use iTunes, just click on this link. It will launch iTunes and you will get subscribed to Praja podcasts. The link should also work with a few other software tools. You can click and try it. You can download iTunes freely from here.
  2. If you use other music software (Nokia PC Suite, Windows media player etc) , find out the menu item to add (or subscribe) to a new podcast. Copy and paste as podcast feed URL. You should now be subscribed to Praja podcasts.

Your software will now download the files and you can choose to sync them with your music player or mobile phone to listen to the podcasts on the move.

How to use subscriptions

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Subscriptions refer to the e-mail notifications that you can choose to receive based on your preferences. These notifications will be sent to your registered e-mail address at a frequency chosen by you. Subscriptions can be used to effectively track issues of interest to you, posts by your favourite author or follow on a discussion you participated in.

You automatically get 'subscribed' to a discussion (a blog or a forum topic) whenever you post a comment on the discussion. This feature will help users who want to follow up on the replies to their comments. If you do not wish to automatically subscribe to the discussions, you can change your preferences for 'Auto subscribe' (See below).

You can also subscribe manually to any discussion, author, issue, group or a 'tag'. At the end of each post (blog, forum etc), you will see a 'Subscribe' link just before the comments section. Clicking on this link will open up various options for you to subscribe for that particular discussion, or the particular issue etc. Just tick the appropriate boxes and click 'Save'. You would now be subscribed to receive notifications.

For any reason if you want to stop following a discussion, you can go the the discussion page and click on 'Subscribe' as above. Just tick the boxes off and click 'Save'. You should now stop receiving the notification e-mails. You can also manage your subscriptions by going to 'My Account' and then clicking 'Subscriptions'. Choose an appropriate category like 'Pages','Blog' etc. to manage your subscriptions.

On the same page, you will see more options for your subscriptions when you click 'Settings'. In Settings, you can choose whether you want to be 'Auto subscribed' to pages that you add a comment on. We recommend that you keep this option on so that you get notified of new comments on these discussions.

If you are receiving too many notification mails, you can choose 'Digest mode' and choose to receive a single e-mail containing all the notifications that are relevant to your subscriptions. You can also choose how often you want to receive the e-mail notifications (in digest mode or otherwise).

Click 'Save' and all your settings will be in effect immediately.