Dedicated Bus / High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) Lane around CBD

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We see huge number of Buses passing through some of the CBD Area in Bangalore few of the roads. Despite of that, there is no dedicated lanes for BMTC buses and other High Occupancy Vehicles such as office shuttles. This slows down Public Transport Buses and also leads to accidents such as Buses hitting 2 wheeler leading to fatalities. Many of the roads are just 2 lanes on either sides such as Airport Road which does not allow for dedicated bus lanes. But the same road becomes one way and all 4 lanes are available in a single direction. But this wide road is not properly utilized, single occupancy cars occupy most of the space slowing down High Occupancy Vehicles such as BMTC buses which cannot negotiate traffic like cars due to its size.

This is a Proposal to start dedicated bus lanes on the left side of the road on wide one way roads. Earlier, there were discussions on BPS or Bus Priority System on Praja which has not materialized so far.  Following are the roads:

1. Majestic to Corporation Circle via Anand Rao Circle Flyover and KR Circle.

2. Part of Kasturbha Road and Mallya Hospital Road.

3. Residency Road from Richmod Circle  to  ASC Public School via Garuda Mall & Hosmat Hospital

4. ASC Public School to Richmond Circle on Old Airport Road.

5. Woodlands Hotel on Fort Road till Majestic via Hudson/Corporation Circle.

6. Mantri Mall to 18th Cross on Sampige Road.

7. 18th Cross till KC General Hospital on Margosa Road.

This is not a high speed BRT like Janmarg with level boarding. Existing BMTC buses and company shuttles with a special permission from BTP can start using this. 

Attached is the map..

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