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footpath issues

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Public Health

BBMP or corporation has removed the stones on the footpath for clearing the drainage about 4 months back but so far, no one has put the stones back. This is on Bannerghatta main road and inspite of complaints to sakaala and BBMP, no action is being taken. Who is the exact contact person for this ? Several people are falling into the drain when it rains as footpath becomes invisible and also, it has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.


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BBMP control room contact 080-22660000

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Hi vsquaretech

You should right away contact bbmp control room at 080-22660000 and file a complaint there. They will give you a complaint number, and then mostly some engg from that ward will call you. (In my case, engg called me the same day).

Explain the issue and the location properly in detail to the engg and keep in touch with him. Make sure they get the job done.

This is from my own experience of complaining about not constructing the road back after pipeline work done. Its not done yet, but I am still in touch with respective enggs and keeping the pressure on.

I have got the story also published here in citizen matters - Tug of war between BBMP and BWSSB -



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Its sorry state for the Footpaths, only few enjoys the developm

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Go & see arround Yeddi's house  on New BEL road or near HMT factory where Ashok Minister  stays.  Same thing arround  MLA layout in  R T  Nagar, Sadhashingara Police station to  Ramaiah hospital,  all footpaths are well maintained to very good standard.

But major parts of the city where actual pedistrains walk like on Sampige road,  Majestic, MG road, Shivajinagar, KR Market are in bad shape.

Other major places  where Flyovers exists like KR Puram Bridge, Marathalli, Silk board,  Yesvantpur Circle, Hebbal Floyer, Jalahalli Circle, Manyatha Tech Park, Bellary road,  things are really bad for walking even to get into  BMTC buses.

My experience at Hebbal Flyover : 

Its major junction on northern part as  Ring Road buses terminate at this point,  it connects city from aiport,  Hebbal Railway station, Hebbal Traffic Police station, Colombia  Hospital, Esteem Mall, Kirloskar IT park, Hebbal Lake for entertainment, Godrej apartment.   Number of Citizens who use this area daily  is really high, may approximation will be arround  30,000 numbers. 

All  intercity buses coming from Hyderabad stops after at Esteem mall for passengers to get down.

Lets see how this Hebbal Flyover area is badly neglected   

No footover bridge to cross Rail line, 

No street lights below flyovers.

No pedistrain signal below flyover to cross the roads

No Traffic police to help citizens to cross road

No footpath below Hebbal  flyover

No bus shelters around Hebbal flyover, only small shelter can accomodate 10 people provided.

No auto stand arround flyover with pre-paid facility.

BBMP has not provided  pay & use toilets, Parking for private vechiles,

No foodplaza arround Flyover.

Worst thing  City is proud of longest flyover of Hebbal & Traffic cops hiding  to catch vechiles to charge fine. Next thing is Express High way starting at Hebbal Flyove to Devanahlli which will further makes things difficult for Citizens to walk arround Hebbal flyover area.

Imagine BMTC drivers & Conductors need to releive themselves after 40 Kms drive in traffic, no facility for food, toliets, drinking water & after that we expect BMTC staff to behave  polite with passengers

Now GoK & BMTC are claiming, they are going to build  Hebbal Bus stand which will be of no use to common citizens travelling arround that area.

Recently saw BDA  spending huge money on Garden development below Hebbal Flyover, this is for whose benefit????  

Also GoK wants build HSRL station & Mono Rail connecting to this area but does not care for Citens who walk arround Hebbal Flyover

As Hebbal MLA & Corporate both defunct till next elections,  So Citizes who use  Hebbal Flyover  left to suffer &  Same fate with K R Puram station & Flyover

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Nothing new to Bengaluru!

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The prejudicial treatment of civic agencies, BDA, BMTC etc are nothing new to our city. From footpaths, Asphalting to playgrounds, you would find a day-night difference. The posh localities are well served and poor neighborhoods are left to rot. That rot goes little deep and even gets colored based upon which communities lives in those parts , i.e. Linguistic, religious.


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Corporator - Builder Nexus

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Most of the corporators have strong connection with Builders who construct apartments in their region. Mostly some builder, who has the money to contest in election will become a corporator. What I have also learnt is many of the corporators and Local MLAs should be granted even an apartment for the builder to construct apartment. To overcome this problem, builders themselves become corporators :)

We have a similar problem in front of our house. A builder bought a 40x60 site in front of our house and constructed a 5 storied apartment. God only knows how a 5 storied apartment should be granted permission in a 40x60 site. Recently, they wanted a sanitary connection for which road opposite side (in front of our house) was dug by BBMP and a new chamber has been put. This is in Kattriguppe ward and we have a lady corporator Lalitha (Let me be explicit).

Our car driveway was destructed and I could not take out my car for more than 1 month. I managed with 2 wheeler and office shuttle for all those days, especially very difficult for entire family to go out. I regularly called the corporator. Some temporary arrangement has been made to take out the car, but driveway not completed yet. 

For the apartment builder, corporator has made all the drainage dig up work in BBMP's money and saying that it is for better sanitary purpose for you  (me) only and educated class of people like you (me) have to understand :).

Same is the case with our former deputy Mayor . For the sake of a builder near Sankey tank, he destructed entire road's tree.

Question is how to drive out this corporator - builder nexus?

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Foot path encroachment by BBMP

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Advt. hoardings at bus shelters.
The Mayor and the Commissioner of BBMP are trying to remove unauthorised hoardings, banners, buntings etc.on foot paths.
But their own Advt. dept. is encroaching the foot path spaces all over the city to erect Advt. hoardings in the name of bus shelters at locations where no buses stop or commuters can take shelter. They are not consulting the stake holders- the bus commuters, BMTC & Bangalore Traffic police to decide the locations and design of these so-called shelters which presumably are meant for the convenience of bus commuters. Of late it is noticed that even the names of bus stops are being eliminated to make space for the advertisers to cover the entire available space by hoardings. This is causing much hardship to the commuters.
The concerned dept. engineers should check and immediately restore the names of all bus stops in bold, large size letters.


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Someone please show these pictures to BBMP

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Here are some pictures of the streets of Ramallah in the West Bank.  Yes - the same town that is (in)famous for being battered by Israeli tanks and was the headquarters of Yasser Arafat.  This is the unofficial capital of an unofficial state - one that has been in a constant state of war and seige.  Just look at their pavements; I challenge BBMP to show me one street in Bangalore that can measure up.

Notice how

a. There are no cars parked on them as if it were their birthright

b. No gaping holes all of a sudden where a battletank could fall in

c. No garbage thrown all over them


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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battering - perhaps the only way

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Perhaps what is lacking in Namma Bengaluru is an enemy in the neighborhood who will batter us the way Israeli's batter Palestine. Could we possibly provoke Madame Jayalalitha into doing it for us, say over the Cauvery issue? :)))

Muralidhar Rao
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Some one please show me one place on earth which has as many people and vehicles of all hues on the city roads - 99.9999% of who are indisciplined and could not care a damn about their neighbour or their community or the rights and safety of others.

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DDC can be an answer

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@ Major Kapur  -  The answer to that, Sir, may lie in concepts like our "Disciplined Drivers Club" - check this out. And, do join us.

Muralidhar Rao
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India is like this only...

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I disagree with Major Kapur's arguments that India is the way it is because of our "unique" problems. Yes, true, we have heterogenoeus traffic and some perverse public behaviour.  However, we also have (a) an RTO where licenses can be bought

(b) A driving school system which consists of a shed with symbols painted on the walls

(c) Poor traffic enforcement

(d) Roads which consists of wide and thin strips of asphalt and nothing esle

(e) Other corrupt practices that feed into this and prevent progressive ideas

Imagine if we had (a) an RTO which really works well and is computerized and networked (b) Better enforcement and (c) Well engineered road "systems", I am willing to bet any amount that the situation will be dramatically better than today.

I will also state that until the above things are addressed, human nature will trump the DDC every time.  I have tried very hard to conform to DDC.  Over time, behaviour just breaks down.  it requires enormous amount of discipline to avoid that and I would not expect it of most people.

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Order of the 3 E's

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Of the 3 E's we always think one of the E's will solve the problem. I always believed its all 3 E's that need to be fixed...

& my order is Engineering first, then Educate on what you have engineered & then Enforce what has been educated. 

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IDS... well said.  I agree, agree, agree, agree, agree.  Any plans to run for office? :-) comment guidelines

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