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Voter Registration Made Easy for MNC employees - Filled forms collected at Company premises!!

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For MNC employees, it doesn't get any easier to get their names on voter list. Forms can be filled at their office desks, and submit the filled/signed forms to VoteDeIndia booth that is setup right next to their Cafeterias.

VoteDeIndia ( has Chief Electoral Officer's approval (along with EROs from all 28 assembly constituencies) for collecting forms from MNC employees and VoteDeIndia will take on the burden to submit the received forms to respective ERO offices and bring back acknowledgments to distribute them back to respective employees. Note that the booth at MNCs will be resourced by volunteers from respective MNCs and VoteDeIndia, hence it is a collaborative effort between employees/HR of MNCs and VoteDeIndia.

On top of this, VoteDeIndia will provide online tools and maps to accurately fill forms. At this time, we are looking for volunteers (individuals, groups, NGOs etc) to:

  1. take this proposal to their respective employers and get their HR to implement this kind of registration drives at their respective office campuses.
  2. work with VoteDeIndia in sufficiently resourcing the drives, and submissions to ERO offices.


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Great to see Vote De India at Praja!!

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This is really gr8 news :) Vote De India has been a great support at Sasken with a really good turnout as well... Looking forward to such drives in all tech parks!!!!

"Seek not to find who you are, but to determine who you want to be. Stop looking for a purpose as to why you are here. Create it. Life is not a process of discovery but a process of creation."

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welcome and nice initiative

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VoteDeIndia, welcome to Praja, and wish you the very best in this initiative, and hope you find more like minded people here to help.

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Voter id

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While welcoming our new member, I am amazed at the vision of VoteDeIndia initiative which is to increase electorate turnout in our elections by leaps and bound, by 2010/20. I am amazed on two counts. Firstly what is the election commission’s mandate? Is it not to facilitate the public to vote in large numbers by simplifying the underlying process of getting the id? The primary responsibility thus is having a valid voters list. When a person is born he has a birth certificate and he has a right to vote. Certainly for MNC’s what is the issue? Secondly when the commission is helpless in the matter not knowing how the lists are to be made, where is the point in extending a helping hand, in filling forms etc? The election Commissioner was on TV announcing 30 September 2008 as last date for obtaining Ids etc. So good luck for the MNC’s for later elections than the forth coming one!
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get into voter list

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While the election commission's voter list is imperfect, we can not be on the sidelines waiting for the system to get perfect. When we participate, we can better influence changes in the system. Having said this, we are actively working with Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) to improve the integrity and accuracy of voter list, and also to simplify the process. In the mean time, we want to make it easy for people to get into voter list. Beyond the birth certificate, it is important to establish 'residency' in a specific constituency. Handwriting-filled applications have resulted in typos, rejections and errors in voter lists, hence a computer-filled and printed form helps getting the name correctly at first attempt. Also, many incorrectly identify their assembly constituency, for example, it's natural for people residing in Sarvagnanagar area to think that they belong to Sarvagnanagar constituency, but they are wrong, because their area is within CV raman nagar constituency. Hence, our online map tool will help applicants to accurately identify their constituency, and also help guide ERO office about the Part number within the constituency. Many times, names are entered into wrong Part number because the ERO office couldn't decide on the precise location of address. Out online tool will help print the map so that applicant can help guide the ERO office to the accurate Part number. BMP elections may happen soon, but the Parliamentary elections are expected next year, and i am sure more elections will happen in coming years. Constructive and Encouraging feedback is most welcome.
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Kindly see Thread on “Voter id card - the struggle continues"

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I very well agree with you that we should not wait till the system is perfect. We have to get our voter id. I got my voter id but it mentioned my sex was female, which was not correct. Now I am waiting to get it corrected. The system is so rotten I am unable to digest. I am unable to understand how the election commissioner can be so helpless in the matter. I do not agree with you that MNC wants your help in doing their personal work. When you are a tax payer with a PAN card why is Voter id mandatory. I have not understood this yet. My address proof etc has been enumerated, and my name is in the list. Yet Voter id is a must. The job of making the id is outsourced. The company is not bothered issuing me a female id in person. As I read your post I am afraid you are doing the Election commission’s job.
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Join hands and make it happen

119 users have liked. VoteDeIndia got in to this space clearly knowing that there are huge descripencies in the voters list. To us the experience on the ground show that the descrepencies are there for the last 20-25 years and has been going on like this. Should we leave as it is, sit and watch the tamasha or get on to put it in order. If we do not start doing this, then we are no different from others. Our work might be small, but we belive that joining hands will make a lot of difference. Come join hands, we can get the voters list rectified. Join hands and make it happen.
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Agree with VDI

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Problems of ECI not doing the best job in maintaining the lists doesn't mean we shouldn't get more to register. Even if the percentage of problems in the list is 25%, getting 10000 more people to register would get at least 7500 people to vote. I will call you VDI (how do we address you, any real name!?) to organize a register campaign at my workplace.
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Voter reg. drives held at Cognizant and Sasken

117 users have liked. We recently held registration drives at Cognizant and Sasken campuses, and had over thousand employees submit applications. All it took was a handful of employees sparing about 3hrs and working with their HR to get the drives done successfully. If any MNC employee wants to avail of this service, contact us quickly, at since the goverment deadline for submission is approaching fast.
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vote India

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ssheragu glad to know that registration drives were held in MNC's can similar drves be held in reserach labs. DRDO labs. and PSU's Please confirm thanks Srinath Heragu
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Yr Vote Counts Under "49-0"

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Normal 0

The Indian Constitution (as per the 1969 act, in sec.49-O) states that a person can go to a polling booth, confirm his identity, get his finger marked & convey to the presiding election officer that he doesn't want to vote anyone !

Yes, such a feature is available, but obviously these notorious leaders have never disclosed this. This is termed "49-O".

Why should you go and say "I VOTE NOBODY"...

  • Because, in a ward, if a candidate wins, say by 120 votes, and that particular ward has received "49-O" votes more than 120, then the polling will have to be cancelled & a re-polling carried out.
  • Not only this, but the candidature of the contestant/s will be removed & they cannot contest in the re-polling, since people had already expressed their decisions.
  • This would bring fear into parties and hence look for genuine candidates for their parties for election.
  • This would change the way our whole political system works...
  • It is surprising why the election commission has not revealed such a feature to the public....

This :

  • Can be a wonderful weapon against corrupt parties in India; &
  • Can better demonstrate citizens' powers & the strong resentment for candidates.

So either "vote", or "vote not to vote" (ie. vote 49-O). Exercise your voting rights for a better INDIA.

By utilizing this option, we could strengthen our democracy & keep these politicians out of politics.



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hoax mail

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the above comment is incorrect. please read
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I stand corrected - this information was posted to me by someone, & I had not verified it's authenticity.

The purpose of this section, as clarified, is only to prevent electoral frauds & not to get candidatures changed.

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EPIC 0btaining-a pain.MNC guys did you get your cards? Really?

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Dear friends of this campaign,

The following is the copy of the mail sent to Shri Manivanna, a highly proactive  Dy. Commissioner and Election Officer of Mysore who has left no leaf unturned to make the processes of democracy work for the betterment of the society and democracy.

But is the system disoriented or bogged down by systemic requirements? How to improve it? There is no meaning in stating the obvious. We need solutions, simple solutions that can be understood and fulfilled by the simpletons of our society.

Mani Sir,

Thank you for your kind call on 28-3-09 and for giving me an opportunity to give a power point presentation regarding CIVIL with GIS at the Corpn Office at 4.30 PM, which, I hope will be of help to Election Office, MCC and also the citizens. 

The brainstorming session was very interactive and it augurs well  for the system to improve. It is reported that thousands of people were seen on Sunday at the VFCs and my grassroot level experience was not as rosy as I had imagined, after the meeting. 

Sunday 29-3-09 - 8.45 AM - a fast moving auto with a mike system was blaring something stacato format - I caught up with a few words - voters card - government school.  Since I had filled up form 6 and obtained ack. from Bannimantapa VFC, as senior citizen, I thought it was a golden opportunity for me and my oestoroporosis limping wife to get our EPIC almost at our door step. 

9.50 AM - reached the spot - was happy to find a mobile EPIC unit and a few officials - enquired - an official who was a personified gentleman asked me for the address - then handed over a bulky Part of the electoral list to me to find out our names with reference to our house number.

9.55 AM  - started turning more than 50 pages in fine print

In the meantime, he was snatching away the list to answer somebody's querry...

11.30 - found our house number in one of the pages but found some different names against our address - explained to official - I had given form 6  at Bannimantap vfc more than 10 days ago and showed him the ack. 

11.40 AM - I pointed this out to the official - Was told that the present list does not include new entries because the list given to me was as on 1-1-2009.  I felt let down and I could not look at my wife's face who was squirming under pain standing for such a long time and trying to help me to find our names or address.

The official felt sorry for us and was courteous enough to advise me to go to VFC at Town Hall after a few days and enquire, enquire, enquire, enquire, enquire........and......????? 

Not all can have an experience like Mr.ER Ramachandran, hope he will read this.

We need to overhaul the systemic needs - simplify processes - adopt bio-metric voting methodologies -  help citizens to feel comfortable to go to the booths and vote without confounding confusions and with the doubt haunting them, whether their names exist or not.
Without being negative, it will not be a wonder if the present LS elections will result in 'minority voters rule' due  'EPIC only" attitude haunting and those with names in the list but without EPIC will have to stand for long hours to prove their identity and vote. 

Do something please so that we will have a vibrant civil society to respond to the call of democracy. It is now or never.

Life is beautiful (conditions apply)????!!!!!

Thanking you once again and with the assurance that there are people who have an undying optimism for establishing a better society to live in and want  a change for the better but with a system that works for their well being without confounding confusions. 

Enable the civil society - it has the capacity to deliver with vibrancy but with a little help from the system that should also be vibrant without strings attached.

I have a few more citizens/ environmental oriented solutions that have already been activated in Bengaluru and can be replicated in Mysoru for the  betterment of the society with a proactive admn.

With kind regards,
Vasanthkumar Mysoremath

Shri Manivanna
Deputy Commissioner and Dist. Election Officer
Mysore District. comment guidelines

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