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Dumping Grounds

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Heres something thats totally counterproductive.

For all of you who have travelled on the Bangalore/Mysore road, the Vrishabhavathi canal on the outskirts of Bangalore is a familiar sight. Theres also a water treatment plant that was set up at great cost just before Kengeri.

Of late, there have been these huge garbage trucks that have been dumping waste into the canal AFTER the treatment plant... I cant help wondering why we have that plant in the first place. You clean something and then dump waste in it again???


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I am victim of this

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I am victim of this garbage dump. I have already contacted the Medical Officer of the BBMp, but looks like they are too busy to kool at this problem.

To add to the problem of garbage dump, there are slum ppl cpme and burn it, afterall that is the easiest way of extracting somthing useful. The toxic smoke makes the whole of the area choking.


~ Ravi

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Trying to Escalate

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@Ravi:The people I know (who are facing this problem) have escalated it to a senior politician who has promised to do something about it by calling the appropriate authorities... lets see..
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Can i do somthing more from my side

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Can i done some more.

I dont know, but i am ready to go to court.. file RTI .. whatever needed .. but i need guidance.

Thanks and Regards,

~ Ravi

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will keep you posted

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@Ravi, I will keep you posted.... I think its time for a group effort.. will talk to these people as well
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vijay and ravi keep us all posted please. great going. from one side they are cleaning up the river and other side they are dumping in it. what sort of waste are they carrying in trucks and why are they dumping such in a river? do you know if they found some good use for all that treated water? nobody seems to be buying it from them. they are thinking of pumping the treated water to TG halli. not a bad plan IMO. if they want, they could pump it into a swamp. if at all anything remain the biomass should take care of it. i have been wanting to write about NGO and BWSSB's efforts to rejuvenate the arkavathy for a while now. if anybody is interested let me know, i can give some leads. just have to figure out how to convert bookmarks to a text file. in general if anybody is interested tracking water and related issues let me know.
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water..but not a drop...

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Arkavathy is relatively pure and marginally self sustained..anyone seen her at the chunchi falls?

About Vrushabavathi, Ihave seen the waste water being used for plantations from a long time..wild tall grass grass grows on its bunds which is fodder for our cows in Bangalore(my earlier milk man used to get it) and I had also seen it beeing fed to coconut grooves..I am also aware of one full groove dying cos of the pollution in late 90's. Also, greens/soppu growers use the water!

Swamp idea is good but where is the space? Kengeri is a booming satellite town now and the vrushabavathi valley itself might become a vicitm of encroachments if it is already not!

The water can actually be used for construction in we know BIAPPA is not allowing anyone to sink borewells near devanahalli..and all the construction there needs water..this could be  a source..though an expensive one! Or even NICE can use it for their road..

Btw did I read that the Britian Queen some where drank a glass of treated water to prove that it is safe enough

About dumping, what is seen is that they are not just simple debris but most of it is toxic pollutants like asbestos etc..they have been doing this since ages..they treat this place as a land fill and dump everything..this also most times obstructs free flow of the water in vrushabavathi and hence the famous stench before we enter Gyanabarathi..we need some policing there! 

So the chemicals are some how getting back into us..already!


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No takers for treated water

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In addition to the chemicals, plastics form a major part of whats being dumped... a lot of the cocunut/arecanut grooves use the water.. however lately the plastic is clogging pumps...

Its just that these truck guys are too lazy to drive upto their designated dumping areas and choose to offload it here.

@tarle: I think water related issues are very serious. Wondering how a collective effort would bring this to the authorities attention. I will keep people posted on the progress on the political front...

I read somewhere that the treated water has no takers (will dig out the link)... apparently theres a guy who is on the take who allows these trucks to dump waste there...

UPDATE: Heres the link I was looking for:

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Advocate Lingaraju PIL

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PIL filed in HC against pollution of rivers The High Court on Friday admitted a PIL seeking directions to the State government to prevent indiscriminate addition of pollutants to Vrishabhavati and Arkavathi rivers. The petition by city advocate H D Lingaraju said there were no effective measures to check the discharge of untreated sewage and industrial wastes to the waterbodies. The Division Bench comprising Chief Justice Cyriac Joseph and Justice B V Nagarathna admitted the petition while ordering notices to State government, Water Resources department, State Pollution Control Board, Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board, BDA, BMP, and the municipal bodies of Kanakapura and Ramanagara, among others. deccan herald
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Theres also a Contempt Notice

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Thanks Tarale..

I read in Deccan Herald that the HC has issued a Contempt notice against the BBMP for ignoring its earlier notice to provide adequate dumping grounds.

I heard from some of the locals that there have been some protests against the dumping and the burning..

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If we can know all the exact places from where the river originates then maybe we can come to know where it is actually getting polluted.Once we can get to know of that we can try to educate the people against dumping their waste into the river. Of course somebody will have done it earlier but I don't think there is any harm in doing it once more. Anyhow if we keep on putting pressure on those people sooner or later they are bound to listen to us.If anyone can help me out in this matter by giving the exact locations from the river originates it will be helpful. comment guidelines

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