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Massacre: 1000 more trees for U/G metro

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Source: Dec.Chronicle 23-8-09


In addition to 1500 trees to be felled, now new shocking news is that 1070 trees may have to be axed for the underground stretch for Rly Stns and tunnels under Vani Vilas junction, Chickpet, KR Market, Cubbon Park and Vidhana soudha. 

In the next few months 199 will be felled in and around Cubbon Park, High Court and Vidhana Soudha.

Even members of the BBMP Bio-Diversity Management Committee (is there something like this?) who conducted a survey said that - the plan is 'not very desirable' and the Chairman claimed that BMRCL officials had not informed him that more trees will have to be cut - officials will meet on 4/9/09 to take a decision.

- Development and Destruction are made for each other and Namma Bengaluru is poised to become bald but not beautiful??!! 

- Vasanth Mysoremath 

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ode to the trees..

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 Don't it always seem to go 

That you don't know what you've got till it's gone? 
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum. 
And they charged all the people 
A dollar and a half just to see 'em.

Bob Dylan sang this..and how true it is! 

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Ode to my abode also.. bobdylan's last stanza....

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Very touching .... continuing.. let me add.. bobby's last words

Late last night I heard my screen door slam.
A big yellow bulldozer took away the house and the land.
Don't it always go to show
You'll never know what you got till it's gone?
They paved paradise, they put up a parking lot.

To Hell with develoment - pl leave namma Bengaluru alone....

Vasanth Mysoremath

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Campaign on youtube to underground to save trees - No use

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Campaign to take Metro Underground on youtube seems to be of no use since even underground metro will result in tree cutting

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1000, 1500, 1070,

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1000, 1500, 1070, 199........... You just confuse with figures. Please put proper figures with proof and people will support you. Else I guess everybody will pounce upon you.
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numbers dont matter..

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but in case u know blr well..VKM's numbers are right..and you want proof..go to KR road..lalbagh..chord road and other places and take some fotos..and dont forget to count that half a tree infront of SSB quarters!

..btw the post is more in a nostalgic tone.


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@ ullas I will give it to you

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@ ullas

I will give it to you straight - Metro in 2006 announced that they need to axe 410 trees on all reaches of Metro - that was the initial shock.

- In order to ascertain the havoc that Metro may create on the properties of people and destruction of greenery, the first ever road show was forced to be conducted in Rajajinagara reach between Yeswanthpur terminus (now extended) and Malleswaram metro station and local MLA, Corporators and officials of BMRCL were made to walk the distance with BMRCL drawings, route maps, meet the property owners enroute, explain how much of their property will come under hammer on Chord Road, Kuvempu Road, Srirampuram areas and about compensation etc.

- The road show culminated in a public meeting at Dr.Rajkumar Kala Kshetra where the officials of the BMRCL were not able to explain convincingly the barrage of questions about any point on trees to be cut, property details etc., posed to them by citizens.  The meeting ended abruptly in confusion and chaos.

- this paved the way for BMRCL to conduct such shows in other reaches where they faced flak.

Then shocks started pouring in - 

- Initial project cost Rs.6000 crores - any delay will cost the people Rs.50 lakhs per day !!??

- Over and above 410 estimated trees to be cut, an additional 1500 trees may have to axed and  actually axed (operations: midnight)  are not known - whether with permission from forest or not is another question

- green warriors faught on the Lal bagh area and saved some trees

- Now for underground metro reach in cubbon park, vidhana soudha area, it is estimated that by the month end 199 trees will be felled and

- according to an official (as reported by media), more than 1070 trees will be required to be axed in these reaches. 

- those who want to pounce upon me, may like to pounce upon the red warriors who wants to see that namma Bengaluru will become bald as early as possible.

- You are welcome to be a green warrior - browse Environmental support Group's pitched battle with a number of cases in court.

- Development is a continuous process but at what cost?

@blrsri  - hope this will be OK.

- Vasanth Mysoremath 

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...more to come?

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Sri VKM has got the numbers and facts right. 
One after the other, the MDs and the set of engineers are meeting public and assuring that no damage would be caused to the greenery of the city. But this is a blatant lie as this is said only to assuage the tempers of the people who have rightfully questioned BMRCL. 
As I have said many times in the past, BMRCL has never been transparent and flexible. Most of the public consultations were an eye-wash. CMH Road is a classic example where they are facing problems. As we discuss this, part of the Lakshman Rau Boulevard is already destroyed with trees cut, when a HC judgement is awaited. This is yet another violation. Mr.Yellappa Reddy too has expressed his dis-satisfaction saying he wasn’t informed about the exact number of trees that would be chopped, and goes on to say that this trend can cause severe damage. Well, damage has already been caused.
At a cost of about Rs.10000 crores for 38 kms (by the time of completion) and having bulldozed the character of the City, this would be a senseless project. Nobody knows what the subsequent phases have in store.
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Metro to be cleaner/greener in the end..?!

165 users have liked. what they say!

"Rail travel is three to 10 times less CO2-intensive compared to road or air transport"!!

A beautiful article in CNN about trains.. comment guidelines

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