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Connecting TTMCs - A possible approach

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Last year, we had discussed about the various routing algorithms, we discussed about Hub-Spoke, Grid etc and came to a conslusion like this via TTMCs:

Janmarg - A successful BRT so far without media publicity


Janmarg in Ahmeadabad, a BRT project modelled like the Transmilenio of Curitiba and Bogota, seems to be heading in the right direction.

The Art of Drainage Closing!!

Private transport

Most of the roads, especially the internal roads within localities are dug and closed with an unscientific bump. I do not have pictures to give an example.

Namma Metro Phase 2 Soil Testing

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Today morning I saw soil testing of Namma Metro Phase 2 in Bank Colony near Udupi Upahar hotel. Boards had written "namma metro phase 2 soil testing".

We didn't hear anywhere officially about the alignment of Phase 2 Namma Metro. Surprised to see this!!

ABIDE - Please put few more proposals in front of Government


I request ABIDe Members like professor Ashwin Mahesh who has been constantly interacting with us to take few more things with the Government.

1. Public Transport on NICE Peripheral road. 

How Wide is Wide?


Nomatter however the road is wide, there is always traffic jams. Still BBMP seems to have not analyzed the problem and expanding the roads by cutting trees and reducing pavements has become its endless project. Today morning I saw trees on the Maharani's College Road while getting down the Anand Rao circle which were 'alive' from 100s of years being cut to widen further. Already the road is 1 way and it is a 4 lane road. Why to loose our greenery unnecessarily. Also the pavements were narrowed still further. We all know, how matter the road is wide, still traffic will not reduce. Length of the jam decreases and width increases. We have seen the examples of Bangkok, as well as we have seen the roads of California. Its all so wide still there are lots of delays in traffic. Why to loose our precious trees which are seniors in terms of age for a foolish act of road widening which we all know is not going to give us any solution. Loosing the tree for a Metro Rail / Mono Rail is OK since it is minimal as well as it is definitely give us a solution. Still, alternative routes should be taken wherever possible to avoid tree cutting such as the case in Nanda Road.

BTRAC & Signals


BTRAC is putting signals in almost every intersections and replacing manual signals with lights.

One thing I observed in most of the replacement was that there is more congestion and waiting now. Traffic cops were manually observing the density of vehicles and releasing it accordingly. Waiting times used to be less.

Suggestion of Revision of train services between Bangalore and Mysore after track doubling

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Mysore Bangalore track doubling is going to be completed by 2011. But, this is not the end of the woes to the travellers. The effective utilization of the doubled track by railways is the key to success.

Satellite Bus Stands - Will they reduce traffic?

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Most of the traffic planners say to start the satellite bus stands to reduce the city traffic. Recently KSRTC Minister Mr.Ashok announced many satellite bus stands and even in Mysore where the traffic is quite normal in the range of 300+ crores. Will they really serve the purpose?

Public Transport on NICE Peripherial Road

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Now the government has cleared NICE project, peripheral road should be complete very soon and it will be clogged by Bangalore Cars + Trucks!!

Kengeri to Whitefield Shuttle Train

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I was just seeing the frequency of trains from Mysore towards Bangalore as well as towards Whitefield from Bangalore station during morning hours. There seems to be very little traffic of trains. First train from Mysore towards Bangalore reaches Kengeri at 9:00 AM. Upto 9 AM track is completely free from Kengeri to Bangalore.

I was about to be killed in an accident


Today morning, I came from Mysore in a bus and got down in front of the Mysore road satellite bus stop. I had parked my bike in the satellite bus stand. I had to cross the road to go to satellite bus stand. It was real horrible experience with no considerations to pedestrains and road crossings. There is no single zebra crossing to cross the Mysore road and there is no sky walk either. We have to cross the road in the middle of the traffic. Vehicles will be piled up very long and mostly buses and trucks.

30% Reservation for Kannadigas in IT jobs - What do you say?

Resservation for Kannadigas in IT jobs is an agenda for the JDS party as well as KRV. In a recent discussion in CNN-IBN, Kannadigas expressed it should be whereas outsiders said it as a ridiculous agenda.

One person said that Kannadigas has to come upto the mark and get the job and the education level in Karnataka has to improve!!

Why People Do Not Like to Use BMTC?

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Most of the people do not like to use BMTC and want to use private vehicle - Why so? Those who are using BMTC are all forced to use it since they do not have vehicles or cannot afford fuel for it and use it occassionally.

Extension of Metro Rail to Banashankari - Is this meaningful?

Metro Rail
Recently, on the BMRC website, they have posted a feasibility study of extension of Metro rail from RV Road to Banashankari Bus Station. Will this be helpful in anyway?
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