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MetreShare - Auto / Taxi Sharing

Mumbai has got a system called Metreshare with people using smartphones sharing their ride and fare in an Auto and Taxi.

Here is the facebook link for the same :

CRS - Metro Integration

Commuter Rail

It is a good news about the approval of Bangalore Suburban Services known as Namma Railu in our Praja Discussions.

Metro and CRS instead of competing each other as discussed, how could we make it complementary to each other? This needs proper integration of Metro Stations with SWR Stations wherever Possible giving a commuter seamless travel.

With and Without ticket travel experiences in BMTC

Public Transport

I daily travel a distance of around 2 kms by BMTC bus to catch my office shuttle from Janatha Bazar Katriguppe to Devegowda Petrol Bunk. I earlier used to wait and catch Volvo since it was Rs. 10 and now Rs. 15 for mere 2 kms. I sometime do 'Auto Pool' if I get one of my colleague which costs only 20 for 2, otherwise take our good old 'Parisara Vahini'.

How to make Bangalore more clean - How to educate people to be clean?

Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India only in IT competing with other cities in the world. This is only in IT and not in any other terms such as Infrastructure, Governance and above all Cleanliness. 

One thing is the Government Authorities such as BBMP do not maintain the city clean, due to the kind of people who are ruling in BBMP.

Mysore ITS - Experience to share


I was in Mysore this weekend along with my laptop and Internet Dongle. 1 Month back, Intelligent Transport System, an online tracking of buses was launched in Mysore. Project is called 'Mitra'.

Mini BRTS and Elevated BRTS


Delhi is Planning for Elevated BRTS.

Here is the link  for more details.

For smaller cities (Tier II cities), CEPT is planning for 'Mini' BRTS using Mini buses since normal buses need more width. 

Mysore Keen on Promoting Cycling - Why not Bangalore taking any initiative

Mysore City's new Commissioner and Deputy Commissiner are keen on promoting cycling in the city. They have mandated all the Government employees working in Taluk Office, Corporation and DC office to come by Bicycle or Public Transport on Mondays. They are also building cycling tracks around the city. Also, heritage cycle tour of Mysore has started along with walking tour.

BMTC Volvo Frequency Reduction - Subcontracting main reason?

BusPublic Transport

Offlate BMTC is sub contracting lots of Buses to Private Companies like Manyata Embassy, ORRCA etc resulting in the reduction of frequency for common passengers especially in the peak hours. Also, there are too many buses in some route and very little in few routes.

Why school children to be made victim for Traffic

Today it was published in news papers that our Commissioner has requested all the schools to start  at 8:30 am to beat the traffic.

Highway Safety in India


I was recently driving on the NICE Road between PES College to Somapura Intersection. My car was the only car and I was cruising at around 90kph. While I was nearing the intersection climbing an uphill unable to see what is there on the otherside of the road after it flattens, suddenly I saw 6-7 people standing in the middle of the road which they are not supposed to be since it is a freeway.

Banashankari TTMC Creating more trouble than convenience

Public Transport

Recently inaguarated TTMC is causing hassles to all the buses travelling from Western Portion of Bangalore towards East such as the 201, 201R, 500 K etc.. All the buses are now forced to enter and exit the Banashankari TTMC. The entrance and exit being narrower, as well as capacity being lower is resulting in pile up of Buses.

Corruption - Real estate relationship - How to reduce this?


Real estate business do not go without corruption. Right from Khatha Extract to Registration to Plan Approval, every stage has corruption. Builders, Contractors, Real Estate Agents everyone is ready to shell out anything to acquire property either legally or illegaly. Enroachment of Government or Private Property is common and cannot be controlled due to corruption.

Parking in front of houses

This weekend, I had parked my car in a residential area to goto a restaurant. It was not parked in a driveway nor in front of a gate nor in the slot where most of the people alter their foothpaths to park their car. By the time I returned, windshield was filled up with clay mud. No one was there near the car, but, someone from the home might have done that.

Namma Metro Turning Radius - A test train brushed against steel railings of viaduct

Metro RailPublic Transport

Namma Metro was supposed to be start by Ugadi, but it got postponed. Stations construction was told as the reason. But, CRS had not approved Namma Metro due to the small turning radius of two curves in Reach 1 one near NGEF and another near Ulsoor. Deccan Chronicle reported this and tracking from there, while other leading news papers have not reported anything about this.

How will I reach home after reaching Bangalore?

Public Transport

Yesterday, I travelled from Mysore to Bangalore on a KSRTC bus and got down at Nayandahalli at around 9:30 PM along with my wife and a 3 year boy.

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