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Motor Vehicle Insurance

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Accidents in Bangalore and dents to cars is a quite common scenario. It is very difficult to get a dent less car in Bangalore. People claim insurance and get it corrected.

But offender in the accident is not identified. Usually it goes the 'compromise' way. Argument saying that the other party is offender goes infinitely since there are no point to point traffic rule which supports anyone's argument.

There are some easy to identify offenders such as a car hitting from back of another car. Offender is always the back car all over the world. But even such simple accidents end up in argument with the car  driver who hit from back arguing that the front car suddenly applied the brake and it was the front cars mistake.

A person who meets an accident without any of his mistake say for example with another car hitting him from back has to claim his insurance without asking for the other party's insurance leading to increase in his insurance premium for subsequent years.

Question comes why not Motor Vehicle Companies working with Traffic Authorities to formulate rules to identify the offender and get his insurance charged  for the 'victim' car. Or is this a strict insurance lobby to get more premium from the public?

Most of the western countries have this law, and people openly accept their fault and provide their insurance no to the 'victim'.


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IRDA and Insurance lobby and consumers

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If have followed how the IRDA allowed the sale of ULIPs, it would come as no surprise. While SEBI is no protector of consumer rights, the IRDA overstepped its bounds and allowed the insurance companies to defraud consumers inspite of SEBI's objections.

It is the same cosy relationship that insurance companies and motor vehicle insurance fraudsters have. If your engine is damaged because you forgot to fill/check the oil level, worry not, your friendly insurance agent and claims adjuster are there to help, simply crash the vehicle and make a hefty claim.

As to why people dont accept it's their fault - all of us are corrupt. I dont know for whom AAP is fighting, the level of integrity of <everyone> is on par with what we see (and complain about) in politicians and govt. officials.

Are MV insurance rates based on statistics? I doubt it.

Did you know: If you have a break in insurance of even a day, you will have to reenter the system as a new insured paying a hefty premium. Where is the database? Who cares? As long as the insurance companies are making a profit everything is fine - you need to know how to use the system!

And US insurance companies are no less corrupt, they charge huge premiums on the slightest pretext.

SO HOW DO WE START? I have no clue, but someone needs to file a PIL and get these companies in line. I look forward to advice from Murali sir and others experienced in this area to lead us. comment guidelines

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