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Stampedes - Why common in Devotional Places

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Stampedes like  Shabari Malai  stampede has been quite common especially during religious ceremonies, in worship places and during functions.

Most of the temples, which are built years ago, there is no emergency exit. People will be standing in queues to see the God and cannot come back. Question is why Temple heads or Dharmadikaris where crowds are quite common are not thinking of an emergency rescue plan. Local  governing autority like BBMP officials will say yes to whatever not looking into safety aspects of the temples since they think they are interrupting in God's rituals and never look and suggest the temple authorities for safety evacuation plan. This leads to tragedies which are post mortemed by the Government. 

Major temples like Tirumala , Ayyappa temple, Chamundi Hills, Darmasthala ,Iskon etc.. needs to wake up and look into evacuation plan in the case of an emergency. Queue barricades should have regular gates in between to come out in the case of an emergency.  Fire officers also should take a thorough check and should not compromise saying that it is Sacred place. 

In crowded places like Tirupati, instead of 100 rupees ticket, 300 rupees ticket, Dharam Dharshan etc, reservations should be started for all sorts of Darshan with nominal fees and the management should assess the capacity they can handle per day, probably a survey by an external agency and grant reservation only to that number of people. Let them charge some nominal reservation fees. 

These major temples like Tirupati should have an hospital close by, fire station etc.

Authorities should become proactive in religious places, be tough, not succumb to any political parties instructions since most of the religious gurus have contacts with politicians to get the permissions. Temple heads and management should realize killing people indirectly by improper arrangement is the most unforgiveble 'sin' they are making, irrespective of whatever pooja they do. comment guidelines

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