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Shortcut routes for Buses

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 BMTC buses take the main roads whereas private transport takes the short cut routes wherever possible. This in comparison will increase the travel time of BMTC buses as against private transport making  private transport more attractive.


One of the example is daily I travel in BMTC from Marathalli to Kattriguppe. From Marathalli to Jayadeva, on the ORR, there is less difference between a car and a Vajra bus. Although multiple stops are given, some good drivers will pickup the speed and we will consuming almost same time as cars. Ofcourse there are some lazy drivers in BMTC who drive Vajras and cause delays, but less in number. But from Jayadeva to Kattriguppe, we have a parallel road to Marenahalli Main Road which is totally signal free and we can reach home in a car almost within 20 minutes. Whereas Vajras takes 45 minutes to almost 1 hour waiting in each and every signal on the Marenahalli Main Road, especially wasting 10-15 minutes in Banashankari Bus Stand causing irritation to passengers. Also, due to Kadarenahalli underpass work, long deviation is taken by 500 series buses since residents have placed blockers for heavy vehicles for the shortcut alternatives.

BMTC is quite rigid about its route and it wants all the buses to ply through Banashankari bus stand and Marenahalli main road causing it a major choke. If BMTC could avoid rigidity of plying all its buses via Banashankari, there could be lots of time saving for passengers, more trips for buses and less irritation for passengers.

Second case is the newly built flyovers on the ORR. All the private vehicles will be zooming on the flyovers whereas BMTC buses will be struck in traffic below.

Third example is the Sirsi Circle flyover. BMTC has been plying only very few buses over the sirsi circle flyover. All the Gandhibazaar bound buses from Majestic takes the narrow streets of Markets struck in full jams, although there are dedicated Market to many Gandhibazaar and beyond area buses.

These slight modification of routes will improve the Bus trip timings and could save BMTC from expensive BRT systems, bus actuated signals etc.





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 Seriously a true matter to

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 Seriously a true matter to think about-when I started the blog of using alternate routes I had planned to adress how changing buses lead to shorter routes at times and saves time. Absolutely right with your points-when there are so many options available why duplicate them-Except 45G,JP 10 and 210PS no other bus uses the Good shed road to reach Chamrajpet-all traverse across via Townhall to market-Fine 31 series do a good job connecting market and Gandhi bazaar why run its variants 210J,N,P in same way?Except 60B and 60C all other Vijayanagar buses run via MCTC? why can they run via Magadi road and help divert traffic. 

BMTC is just starting to implement alternate routes that can be shorter and faster and not much equipped. 502 was a good bus which took a left at Jayadeva and ran via J.P.Nagar towards Kathriguppe-but with underpasses comig up the route completely diverted.

We can take up these suggestions to BMTC and hop for the best. Routes like K2,378,K3,375 are seriously good innovation of routes-we must sugest for more such routes to come up in the future from BMTC comment guidelines

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