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Chaos in Major Bus Stops

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 Major Junction Bus Stops like Corporation (Hudson Circle), Richmond Circle, Banashankari, Marathalli, Jayadeva are fully chaotic. These bus stops handle multiple buses 4-5 at the same time and the bus stops are not designed to handle multiple buses.

Commuter is at a very high risk since some buses stop in the middle lane and they have to cross the left lane while other buses are approaching on the left lane. Also, one bus stops ahead of the bus stop, one stops before the bus stop and commuters have to run back or front based on where the bus stops. Aged, Ladies with Children struggle hard to get into bus stop. 

Although BMTC's 'Sarathi' inspection crew will be present in these bus stops, they just whistle. Bus drivers behave little obediently whenever Sarathi is present.

Parameswaran, who recently won the case at court for Feeder / Trunk services should have thought of these problems commuter faces. With multiple hops, problems faced by commuter will also multiply.

Bus Stops should be redesigned to handle multiple buses simultaneously. One way is to have multiple stops next to each other based on direction, class of service etc.Since BMTC itself is constructing bus stops now, it is easy to redesign for them. They should also have the method strictly being followed when multiple buses for the same destination arrive at the same time which is quite common.

Also, bus stop cleanliness should be maintained by writing some slogans, having a security guard etc. We have people who keep on spitting while waiting for the bus and people who clean their running noses.

Recently an airconditioned bus stop was opened somewhere. No one used to be in the bus stop since buses never stop in the bus stop !!

Here is the guideline being followed in London designed for all sort of buses:

Should we not have similar such document by BMTC and accessible by everyone something like this.


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No planning even for TTMC

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TTMC's which are constructed which so much of cost by taking grants from JNNURM, itself is not having proper design. It is not designed to handle the buses in the opposite direction of TTMC. 

A ramp should have been constructed for the buses to enter and exit TTMC. Also, these TTMCs will waste the time of passing buses since they will halt here for taking rest, have tea/coffee. making passengers to wait wasting their precious time..

Vijaynagar TTMC and Metro stations are different and are at very close distance. BMRCL could have used BMTC's land and saved on station. This would have lead to proper integration.

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 This is a problem faced at

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 This is a problem faced at all stops-East end ,silk board, madiwala are some more to be neamed-what we can have is as already told a seperate bus stop fro each direction about a feet apart from each other-despite constructing a bay at corporation stop(Mission road) buses stop before the stop itself-only 140,143,145 etc stop at the stop forcing commuters to run all the way. Now at eastend to add to teh chaos even buses going to Bannerghatta road stop at same as the ring road buses increasing th chaos. 


Corporation stop has a small division-the stops for buses towards market and for buses towards south/south east bangalore are quite far off due to which atleast half confusion is solved-similar is the stop at Ashoka Pillar at Jayanagar 1st block-similar stops must be constructed at every chaotic point to prevent this chaos

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London Bus stops

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I had sent this link to BBMP & BMTC some six months back.

Hope their Engineers will learn something from this.

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