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Janmarg - A successful BRT so far without media publicity

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Janmarg in Ahmeadabad, a BRT project modelled like the Transmilenio of Curitiba and Bogota, seems to be heading in the right direction. Janmarg officials have done enough ground work after seeing the failures of Pune and Delhi BRT Projects.

Media is not covering much about this project like Delhi BRT, which was attacked left and right by media as well as politicians. Somehow media and politicians have kept quiet wrt Ahmedabad.

Few of the unique features I observed was:

1. Buses having doors on either sides. In BRT corridor, door opens on the right side of the bus (driver side) compared to conventional left side opening.

2. Parking facilities in few of the bus stands.

3. Metro like smart card to board the bus.

4. Free ride for few days for everyone to have a feel.

5. Like other BRT corridors, cycle and pedestrian tracks.

6. Passenger Information System

Still there are few teething problems with vehicles entering bus lanes. But, fines have been kept expensive. Here is the link on skyscrapercity:

Here are few posts on the media:

Smart Cards:


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Can Bangalore think in the lines of Janmarg

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Let us monitor Ahmeadabad BRT closely. Looks like we are getting the right model. One thing about Ahmeadabad is the wide roads which allows for BRT easily compared to Bangalore roads.

But, Bangalore has got lots of one way wide roads such as Kasturbha Road, Nrupathunga Road, Residency Road etc. If transport authorities can make lots of ground work like how Janmarg officials did by travelling to Curitiba and Bogota and have consultants from Ahmeadabad, we can have BRT at least in wide one way roads which are frequently get clogged despite of the width.

Who will move the cheese???

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Where There is a Will.....

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Delhi's english media (particularly, TOI) had over-reacted & made BRTS a political issue. At Ahmadabad, I think they have been lying low & have refrained from criticizing any teething problems - these are to be expected for any new project or development/s.

Ahmadabad has benefited greatly from Delhi's experiences. It is hoped that many more cities, including Bangalore go in for this system, which is highly cost efficient.

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Bigger issue is how we see development

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As long as the average citizen believes that progress and development means 10 lane roads and  his ability to drive an even bigger car at higher speeds, politicians will follow that trend.

The current rot has been 20 years in the making.  It will take a long time for any new paradigm to take hold.  We are folling ourselves if we think otherwise. 


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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A team from Mysore City Corp had recently visited to Amdavad to study the BRT.   Outcome awaited.

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Ahmeadabad BRT videos

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 This is for the bus day event special video on Feb 4th how Janmarg.

and this is the Transmilenio example:


Can this ever happen in Bangalore? Can Yediyurappa become like his Gujrat counterpart.

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US Team to Study Janmarg of Ahmedabad

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A Team from US Transportation Agency has visited Ahmeadabad to study Janmarg. Here is the link:




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Video on Ahmedabad BRT and Indore BRT -

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Ahmeadabad Success Video

Indore BRT Planning and about the huge investments in Mumbai for freeways


and an article by the DC himself here on completion of 100 days of Indore BRTS:

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I have come accross these

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I have come accross these reports and video recenlty. It sure does look impressive.

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It's Bogota not Ahmeadabad

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The videos you posted for 12 Jan 2010 is for Bogota. Its clearly written on it. Its not Ahmeadabad as you have said.

DULT chief Mrs. Manjula was on a study tour of Bogota recently. Hope she has concrete ideas to help our city before she is moved to some other department. comment guidelines

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