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Doctors ask citizens not to panic over H1N1 scare

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Even as Bangalore reports its first H1N1-linked fatality, doctors in the city are asking the public not to panic. Also attached: list of hospitals treating H1N1 in the city.

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Vaishnavi Vittal


For more than a week now, people have been thronging the RGICD for fear of having contracted the H1N1 virus. Like many doctors say, the panic button has been pressed.

Ask Dr V Ravi, Head of the Neurovirology department at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS), if the entire issue is being blown out of proportion and pat comes the reply, “Yes, I think so”.  He adds that there is no need to panic. “It's like any other normal flu. Lot of media hype is being created. It's not a killer virus”.


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Dr.Ravi may change his stance if.....

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Bengalureans are a terrified lot and health care is at its lowest in india. Many officials who are at the helm affairs are duty bound not to precipetate matters by telling the truth but to bend, twist and turn it around to make it go out of shape and escape... no, yes, ahem, but, not quiet likely, blow out of proportions,... these are the words that cover up their public utterances.

- Systemic failures and cover ups are very common.. But people must be careful and adopt prevention dos and donts.

- Everything is so uncertain and confusing when it comes to providing services to the people.

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