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Metro Rolling Stock Specs


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Such wonderful specs

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Why not 6 coach rakes?

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Have not gone through the specs. Saw that it was a 4.4MB file which I don't want to download now. I think they need to rethink the 3 coach rake plan. By the time Namma Metro comes online, I would not be surprised it petrol prices are closer to Rs.100/litre than to Rs.60/litre. Public transport will be in great demand and a 3 coach rake might not meet the load requirements. Srivathsa

Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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sri, you should have been able to see the slides without downloading the entire file to your computer. if you want i'll take the jingchak out and only post the text. more importantly, platform lengths will determine the long term prospects. apparently mumbai cannot increase the length of its trains bcoz they cannot increase the platform lengths. sri can you run through the numbers and see what type of volumes they are talking? pax/train x trains/hr/dir x mu types of numbers
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Ridership estimates

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Tarle, The Singapore MRT coaches had the following configuration 2seats - Door - 9 - Door - 9 - Door - 9 - Door - 2. Makes 31 seats on each side - 62 sitting. Each seat - 0.4m + each door 2-2.5m (say 2.25m). Total inside lenght - 12.4+9m - 21m + vestibule - say 1.5m on each side - total 24m length of a coach. Maybe my seat width assumed is a bit more For each set of seats - assume 3 can stand - 186 standing At each door - 30 - another 120 standing. At vestibules another 20 (10 on eacg side). Total capacity of the coach - 62+186+120+20 = 388 - say 360 people. Not far off from Namma Metro. I think our friends have assumed that Indians will not be averse to a bit more crowding. So the 1000/train number is not far fetched. 6 coach rakes would take it to 2000. That I believe is the end-state design and platforms have been made for this. Will try and source some data for this. At 3 mins intervals - we are looking at 20000 in a direction. Assuming a turnover of 1.5 (people get on and off along the way) we can say that 30000 passengers can move in one direction during Peak Hour. Let's say 4 hrs of peak in the morning and 4 hrs in the evening. 8 hrs along one of East-West and one of North South during the day. So 2*8*30000 = 480,000 passengers during peak hours. 15 hrs of non peak along 4 directions @ 5 trains per hour - 500 per train - 15*4*5*500 - 150,000. If routes have been designed well then coach turnover can increase and so will ridership. Total ridership planned for 600,000 to 650,000 with this coach design and non-peak frequency. Not ambitious enough! Moving it to a 6 coach rake design can move peak to 960,000 people. Non-peak will be constrained by demand and not coach capacity. Demand will be influenced by peoples williningness to wait 15 mins for a train. (I don't like the 15 min non-peak hour interval. It needs to be capped at 8-9 mins). Bombay suburban has 9 coach rakes on slow trains and 12 coach rakes on many fast trains. Seat design is very bad and inequitable - 72 people sit in ridiculous (relatively speaking) and 250 people are crushed together. They need to reconfigure the inside of coaches. Side comment.

Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Metro Capacity /Alignments

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The 3 coaches is at start only - eventually, there will be six & the capacity is stated to be 40,000 phpdt.

My concern is that there is only one E-W line between Indiranagar ~ Brigade Rd ~ KG Bus stn. The NW-SW line cuts this at KG Bus stn; the NE-SE line cuts it at Brigade Rd; & the Whitefield line joins at Indiranagar.

This single E-W line may soon become overloaded & might need to be supplemented with another line. I had shown an alignment from Nat'l College to Hudson circle to Richmond circle to Brigade rd. This should take care of this problem as also provide direct connectivity to many major centers. comment guidelines

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