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Its a Shrinking World

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Even as working mothers at EC complain of not being able to spend time with their new borns, KA Govt's incessant, relentless attack on BMIC, gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "its a shrinking world".

If last week it was Global Infrastructure Consortium and its monorail, this week its, I'm kidding you not, Asian Infrastructure Consortium, headed by a Malaysian monorail company! Even before you can say Swiss Challenge, within one week, HDK's KA govt has come up with a whole new proposal and a whole new petition. Less than a week after the supreme court "restrained" the state government from its plans for GIC, the state government on Monday moved the Supreme Court again seeking permission to cancel the agreement entered into with NICE for the implementation of the BMIC project in favour of AIC.

Here is what the SC said last week and what the State Govt did this week --

Last week the SC told the state: “this matter requires consideration particularly whether you (the State) can contravene the directions issued by this court and issue such a notification.” “Until further orders, no action whatsoever shall be taken pursuant to the notification dated September 17 issued by the State of Karnataka and the advertisement issued pursuant thereto. Place the matter after four weeks.”

The Karnataka Government, on Monday, in a fresh petition, submitted that world over governments exercise the rights of eminent domain for public benefit and exercise the contractual rights in a manner that would bring maximum benefits to the State. It said there were several precedents where the project sought to be implemented by private agencies were either re-structured, cancelled or implemented through other agencies if either the change in circumstances make the project onerous to the State or in view of certain advanced technology or other such beneficial changes the projects had lost their attractiveness in the existing form.

The petition said that a proposal had been received recently from a consortium called Asian Infrastructure Consortium led by a Malaysia-based monorail company (currently being examined by the Government) which was requested by the Malaysian Government to implement the monorail project in Kuala Lumpur, which was originally to be completed by Hitachi Corporation.

The petition said that even though the State was convinced of the benefits to it in restructuring and re-awarding the contract through alternative means and having absolute rights to cancel the contract, still it was seeking permission from the court to exercise its contractual rights in a fair manner. It sought permission to exercise its contractual rights under the Framework Agreement dated April 3, 1997 and to implement the project through alternative means.

How long before we see HIC - Hardanalli Infrastructure Consortium? All this would be funny if it were not tragic and seriously impacting Bangalore's life and prospects.

A recent E&Y report titled “Indian Real Estate: Growth and New Destinations”, reaffirms the commonly held notion that “Bangalore’s infrastructure is under extreme stress as it has not been able to keep pace with rapid economic growth over the last decade”. In both the Infrastructure Index(6th) and Quality of Life Index(5th), Bangalore is way down in the list of 6 metros. It’s only in Social and Technological Infrastructure Indices that Bangalore is in the top three and finally manages to be a fledgling fourth in the overall rankings.

According to the report the reason why Bangalore is ranked lowest of all the metros in infrastructure index is “due to a relatively poorer road network, mediocre rail connectivity and low investment proposed for the infrastructure of the City despite the rapidly increasing demand for better infrastructural facilities”.

As if this was not enough consider this, BBMP’s proposals for upgrading roads have been delayed as the Union Government has refused funding for all road development projects planned under JNNURM on the grounds that “roads are not a priority under the mission.” The JNNURM, ofcourse, is a seven-year mission to modernise urban infrastructure in cities with funds provided jointly by the Centre, State and local corporations. Well the most important infrastructure component that BLR gets panned about, is roads and the Centre is not interested in roads, go figure.

To their credit, BMMP has lined up other options to address this issue. Bangalore gives billions of $$ (not even rupees) to the center's coffers and the center cannot help make its roads - the single most critical need of Bangalore? The other non-road JNNURM proposals are of course stalled too, because the State Government has failed to conduct elections to ULBs and establish an elected council for Bangalore.

Sources: Hindu, Deccan Herald.


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absolute shame

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What else to say? Bangalore needs to be a Union Territory. Or we need serious urban governance reforms to empower ULBs. Otherwise, I don't see how the city will get the quality and focused attention it needs. [there is another option - us, the Praja - that is if we can pull ourselves out of our 'comfort zones' and join hands to do *things*, but thats a long debate. someday soon :) ] The other thing these desperate BMIC hurdles are doing is this. NICE and Kheny would end up getting unwarranted sympathy and 'support' of the people of this city. The focus should be on the project and execution, and not the builder (NICE) or regulator (state).
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Citizens Protest

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Just wondering ..... Can we get a million signatures and file a PIL in the SC appealing for speedy resolution to the BMIC issue/project? City Zen
City Zen
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it was done..

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electronic city industries group had appealed to the SC but it was sqashed..
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Was it done......

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I think ECIA (Electronic City Industries Association) had filed an application only in respect of the Gottigere Lake road. ( My point was about the project as a whole which is being blocked by the Goda family and their govt. The same govt. has now cleared the DLF project which also involves thousands of acres of land. The PWD minister's rejoinder was quoted in the papers 2 days ago to the effect that Kheny should check Goda family's stars before thinking of tackling with them. Isn't this statement evidence enough of the personal prejudice of the Govt. family against the project promoters? Can this be cited as ground enough seeking dismissal of the govt? Any idea what happened to the Chief Secretary who was held by the Court as having committed perjury? City Zen
City Zen
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how about NICE asking every

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how about NICE asking every user of their existing link road (from Mysore road till E-City) to sign on such a signature campaign?
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all our say will be admonished by one nay from padmanabhanagar!
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thanks city.zen for that informative post
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BMIC - A driving class road near Hoskerehalli

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I just had been to Hoskerehalli to teach car to one of my friend. Around 500 metres of road is completed from ring road. This is the actual Bangalore-Mysore road. Lot of people, especially on Sundays come here to learn cars and bikes.

On this portion,  road is just 2 lane and there is no space for the 3rd lane or for the proposed mono as it is present in the peripheral road. Almost 12 toll gates are ready for toll collection.

Unfortunately, while teaching car also, people teach in the wrong lane!! I saw 2-3 people driving in the right side lane instead of left lane. We were facing problems since we were in the correct left lane as they were coming right opposite to us!! 



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Drive down BMIC from Peenya

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I had gone on some work early this morning to Dobbspet  (Tumkur Road) on behalf of a client.  I got a glimpse of the now famous underpass at Cauvery junction as well. 

Along the way saw quite a bit of road widening near Peenya - I guess this must be part of the 6 lane tollway.  Did not let my eyes wander too much to look for any evidence of the elevated stretch as the traffic was quite fast moving at that time of the day.

Saw the junction with the BMIC peripheral road as well. 

There is an excellent tolled stretch from Nelamangala to Tumkur (at least till Dobbspet) - well maintained by Jas Toll.  Very well maintained and was cruising at 80 kmph (which by the way is about as fast I as drive in India - if the US with its superb interstates and educated public limits speeds to about 100, then there is something to be said for India).

At Dobbspet saw the STRR markers put up for land acquisition.  So I would say that this will come up - give and take a few years.  I don't think it will be a real bypass of sorts (the length is about 285 km).

On the way back took the BMIC Road back home.  Marvellous stretch from Peenya to Mysore Road.  Was again cruising at 80kmph.  At Magadi Road junction a small mess, but people going on to Mysore Road can just keep going straight without any detour.  At Mysore Road, took a left turn and a U turn to join back the NICE stretch to Kanakapur Road.  Some sign of progress at Kanakapura Road junction itself.  Saw vehicles from Bghatta road taking the overpass.  I wish they would finish this road quickly.  It can take some pressure off the city for sometime at least (at which point the law that more roads means more vehicles will kick in). 

Saw the usual idiots driving on the wrong side of the road.  I'm not sure where they park their brains.  Imagine an accident at 100kmph plus. 

Did not take a camera - so no pics.  Maybe next time.




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