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regarding peripheral ring road (PRR) - between Dobbaspet & Hosur

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I came across a news item that a peripheral ring road is being planned between Dobbaspet & Hosur.

The road is being developed with the concurrent development of a high tech zone of about 1 Km area around the 65 Km stretch as high tech zone, to fund the cost of development. While it is a welcome step, the unregulated development of a high tech zone should not convert the peripheral ring road (PRR) to a peripheral pollution road (PPR), as the high tech zone is likely to include industries, which will not only do business with neighboring Tamil Nadu but also increase pollution. The inclusion of industries (polluting industries) would spell doom for the use of this road. Some suggestions would be as follows.

1.    The peripheral ring road authority should have absolute rights & ownership over a (buffer area) a distance of about 1 Km to 2 Kms on either side all along the entire 65 Kms stretch

2.    This authority should ensure only green cover over this buffer area, a distance of 1 Km to 2 Kms on either side all along the entire 65 Km stretch

3.    The high tech zone to be developed along the 65 Kms stretch should be developed only beyond this buffer area

4.    The high tech zone should not include industries (polluting industries) but only IT parks, horticulture industries, hotels which do not pollute

5.    All industries should be in designated areas adjacent to the 65 Kms stretch but beyond the buffer area, at a few locations but not all along the stretch

In this manner the peripheral ring road will not end up a becoming a concrete jungle (pollution intensive) like the outer ring road

May be Praja / Mr. VInay of Hasiru Usiru  can take up this cause

Many thanks

Srinath Heragu


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Heavy Industry

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One of your suggestions was good - keeping a "buffer" green zone on both sides of the road - though 1-2 km is just too much.

What I do not understand is, why you are against heavy industry coming up threre. That area (around 30 km outside the boundaries of Bangalore) is ideal for heavy industry. You need aluminium, plastic, steel, cement, tyres, chemicals and other stuff - don't you? Not posssible to survive on "IT".

And really - this place is the worst possible for establishment of IT and such industries. Who will travel there everyday, so far from the city?

Heavy industry is the backbone of the country, and places like this "PRR" or "STRR" are ideal for the estalishment of such industries.

What really needs to be done is - "polluting industries" as you call them, need to be shifted out from areas in the city (like Yeshwanthpur, Srirampuram, Nagwara, KR Puram, etc.), and shifted to this ring road.




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I am not saying that heavy industries should not be there; but these industries should not be all along the PRR (peripheral ring road) but only at a few number of locations(say 3 or 5) on either side of the road

further the idea of a buffer zone of 1 to 2 Kms on either side would be good in the long run

many thanks

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