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benefits to construction workers

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I came across a news item in the DECCAN HERALD dated February 13, 2011 regarding benefits that are due by law to construction workers and which do not require any expenditure  on the part of the contractor or agency.

In fact, it is a win win situation for both the construction worker and the contractor

the only action from the construction worker is to get an identity for Rs 25 and a monthly payment of Rs 10

The details are given below.

DECCAN HERALD dated February 13, 2011

1.            Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Act (BOCWWA) 1996


Notification issued under the Act in 2006; only after 2006 the Act came into force in the state.


The BOCWWA offers maternity assistance and financial support for marriage, disability, hospitalisation, pension scheme, accident benefits and funeral expenses. Top avail of the benefit, the worker has to pay a mere Rs 25 as registration fee and a monthly fee of Rs 10. The government issues an identity card to the worker entitling her or him to the benefits available under the Act.

 Benefits to construction workers

 (a)        Maternity Assistance                     -            Rs 6,000

 (b)        Education Assistance                           -           Rs 25,600 (from SSLC to degree)

 (c)         Marriage Assistance                 -            Rs 5,000

(d)          Purchase of Kits                        -            Rs 5,000

(e)          Pension                                     -            Rs 300 a month

(f)           Death Compensation                         -           Rs 1 lakh

(g)               Total disability compensation  -            Rs 1 lakh

(h)               Hospitalisation Assistance               -            Rs 400 to Rs 2,000

(i)                 Funeral Expense                           -            Rs 4,000

(j)                 Ex gratia to next to the kin               -            Rs 15,000

              of the deceased



              Why should contractors and builders let the Act benefit their workers ?

·        Workers enrolled under the social security category enjoy ‘cradle to grave’ benefits

·        The benefits will not be paid by the contractors or builders but by an organ of the government -  Building and Other Construction Workers’ Welfare Board

·        The cost of compliance under the Act is much less than the cost of non-compliance. The builders or contractors can escape rap from many government agencies if they take initiative

·        Worker gets an identity under the scheme and in the event of his or her death in a mishap, the body can be sent to his or her hometown


              The Safety Measures required to be provided at construction sites

·        Providing safe means of access with ‘safety infrastructure’ in place

·        Taking precautions to avoid any danger from collapse of any building

·        Handling of explosives only be competent persons

·        Having separate walkways and driveways to construction sites

·        Taking precautions while raising or lowering loads

·        Supplying adequate and suitable lighting facilities

·        Taking precautions to prevent inhalation of dust

·        Taking measures during stacking and unstacking materials

·        Safeguarding all machinery and fencing all dangerous equipment

·        Safe handling of equipment operated by compressed air

·        Taking precautions in case of fire

·        Limiting the weight lifted or moved by workers

·        Providing safe transport to workers

·        Providing means of rescue in case of drowning

·        Taking steps to prevent danger from live electric wires and apparatus

·        Providing safety nets, sheets and belts to ensure safety of workers

·        Maintaining standards with regard to scaffolding, ladders, stairs etc.

·        Taking precautions with regard to pile driving, concrete work, excavation work etc.

·        Providing health facilities to workers


I hope that we at Praja ensure that the workers working on bangalore metro projects are aware of this and get these benefits.


Many thanks


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