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Integrity / Honesty Index

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A lot of views & opinions are discussed and many novel suggestions made in Praja on various topics and issues; these are most welcome & moreover most of them are found to be very good in their intent and quality; however it needs to be introspected, if Praja members themselves practice their  own views & suggestions; in other words I strongly feel that Praja members should adopt the policy of practice before preach before they put up their suggestions; in this context, I have evolved a table that can be used for quantification of one's integrity & honesty; this table is exhaustive but definitely not complete; members are requested to review this table, update it and evaluate their integrity / honesty themselves; (OF COURSE THEIR EVALUATION NEED NOT BE SHARED ON Praja); rather, it can be used to improve one's own civic conscience and morality; the tables are attached

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Srinath Heragu

taxes.doc25 KB
road rules.doc24.5 KB
property ownership.doc21.5 KB
possible reasons.doc22.5 KB
house construction.doc27.5 KB
garbage disposal.doc22.5 KB
child labour.doc23.5 KB comment guidelines

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